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Noble Heart Production Pippin

By • Apr 28th, 2007 • Category: Reviews

Listen to our review of Noble Heart Production’s Pippin [MP3 4:32 1.3MB].

Laura: Monday evening we were invited to a press performance of Noble Heart Production’s Pippin in Indian Head, Maryland.

Mike: Pippin is a musical with music and lyrics by Stephen Schwartz with book by Rodger O. Hirson. Pippin is the story of Charlemagne’s son, Pippin, who has graduated from the university and isn’t sure what to do with his life. He just knows he has something unique and special that he was meant to do. So we follow him on his adventures through war, love, sex, arts, religion, and relationships where he tries to find what he’s supposed to do with his life.

Laura: It was a black box theater. We counted and there were 84 seats. This production of Pippin was very good. It was a small cast, a very intimate stage, but the singing was good. The dancing was outstanding. I enjoyed the production very much.

Mike: It was fascinating being a part of such a small audience. The action takes place all around you. There were several aisles that the actors would come down. The music was very easily heard, and wasn’t overpowering. Other than one column that holds the place together, you had a really good view of the stage and all the action going on.

Laura: The role of Pippin, the young prince who had just returned from the university in Padua and was looking to find meaning in his life was played by Joseph Garlock. He did a good job. I especially liked how he interacted with Catherine and Catherine’s son Theo in the second act. I could really see the frustration on his face when Theo wasn’t opening up and warming up to him. But he kept trying and I could see that perseverance on his face when he would try to include Theo in activities around the estate. I enjoyed it at the end when the three of them did become a family.

Mike: The Leading Player was played by Genevieve James. She did a pretty good job on keeping the show focused on the entertainment aspect of the story that the players were trying to tell us. I liked her appearance. She reminded me of a barker at a carnival side show. Just kind of having a trick up her sleeve and being in control of the situation. I think she showed that very well. I especially liked the song she sang with Pippin, “On the Right Track” to open the second act.

Mike: Pippin’s father, King Charles, more formally known as Charlemagne, was played by Alex Deleon. He had the image of what I was picturing a successful king to look like. A large man with very imposing features. He had this humorous sense about him, too. He was really enjoying himself as king. I liked his scene especially when he was praying at Arls with the monk that came in to talk with him. I liked how he kept focused, but at the same time he had this air of you can’t surprise me, I know what’s going on. I think the whole performance was very well done.

Laura: The costumes for Pippin I thought were very creative. The costumer was Melody Sciarrtta. It was a wide range of costumes. Some were body suits. A lot of the women had the flowy costumes, or lingerie, on. The makeup was very good. Their faces were painted. For the first act their faces were painted white with spots on them. I thought it added an air of mystery and playfulness to the show.

Mike: The set was very nicely done. The set was designed by Trey Thomas. Many of the walls in the theatre were covered with moss or other bricks and stones that were used to build castle walls. It looked really nice. There were a few smaller set pieces that were flexible and were carried onto the stage to be used as benches or to serve as supports for a table or a bed. They were very very easily moved around. It wasn’t very distracting when the cast would move things on or off. I liked how the whole show just flowed really well.

Laura: Pippin opened April 27th in Indian Head Maryland. It is playing through Sunday May 20. Friday and Saturday at 8 PM, Sunday matinees at 3 PM. This is a good show. Recommend that you do go see it.

Mike: Keep in mind it is a small theater so it is very likely to sell out quickly. The show is about two hours and ten minutes long with one intermission.

Laura: And now, on with the show.


  • Lead Player: Genevieve James
  • Pippin: Joseph Garlock
  • Charles: Alex Deleon
  • Lewis: Andrew Vergara Retizos
  • Fastrada: Sara Huff
  • Berthe: Maureen Campbell
  • Catherine: Suzanne Edgar
  • Theo: Mary Theidemen
  • Players: Sean Michael Fraser, Amanda Lane, Quentin Nash Sagers


  • Director: Don DeHanas
  • Artistic Director/ProductionManager: Craig Hower
  • Musical Director: James D. Watson
  • Assistant Director/Choreographer: Michael Mildenstein
  • Technical Director: Trey Thomas
  • Stage Manager: Mel Gilpin
  • Assistant Stage Manager: Lisa
  • Costumes/Properties: Melody Sciarratta
  • Set Design: Trey Thomas
  • Make-up Design: Dawn Bush
  • Sound/Light Operator: Mel Gilpin
  • Head Scenic Artist: Julianna Bogdon
  • Master Carpenter: Mike Leggette
  • Set Construction: George, Chuck Carns, Bill Graves, Sean Fraiser, Mike Margelos
  • Set Painters: Mike Margelos
  • Set Decorators: Mike Margelos, Maureen Campbell, Kristal Thomas
  • Marketing: Bridget Devlon Burke
  • Poster/Program Design: Craig Hower
  • House Manger: Mary-Kevin Welch

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