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Rooftop Productions Same Time, Next Year

By • Mar 27th, 2007 • Category: Reviews

Listen to our review of Rooftop Productions’ performance of Same Time, Next Year [MP3 4:27 1.3MB].

Laura: We saw the opening night performance of Rooftop Productions and their performance of Same Time, Next Year in Manassas, Virginia.

Mike: Same Time, Next Year follows a married couple who are having an affair. The couple meets together at the same inn once a year for 25 years. Throughout the show we see them every 4 or 5 years as they learn more about their relationships with their spouses and each other.

Laura: I thought this was a good show. I enjoyed it. I thought the two cast members, John Bordeaux and Lisa Anne Bailey did a very good job. Not a lot of action, it was more getting to know each other and themselves over the 25 years they had their affair.

Mike: I enjoyed the show, there was some laughs throughout, there were some serious points. It did strike me that they were like a married couple. There were fights even though they only saw each other one day a year. It was an interesting show.

Laura: Lisa Anne Bailey played the role of Doris. She did a very good job. I really liked watching her throughout the years. She went from kind of the insecure flighty almost ditzy at the beginning. To the free spirit, to the more polished mature woman. I like her. Probably my favorite scene was when she was more of the hippy. I guess that was 1965. She came in and was this free spirit. The final scene, I thought was real touching.

Mike: This is one of those shows you probably can’t see twice. A lot of the impact of the show comes from the surprise of seeing how each of the two people’s lives have change over the years. It did feel like she went through much more of a change than he went through. However they both changed over time. There was one point where they kind of crossed each other. One became more conservative and one became more liberal. That was kind of interesting.

John Bordeaux played George. He was neurotic and I think he hit that pretty well. The craziness that he felt at the very beginning of the show when he realized, “Oh my gosh. I just had an affair.” It was a really funny scene and it kind of set the tone for his mood swings for the rest of the show from one extreme to the other.

Laura: The set was also very nice. It was kind of a theater in the rectangle. There were seats on three sides and then you had a stage in the middle. This was at an inn so you had a bed and a dressing table area. One nice touch was that the stage managers were very good about bringing out pictures that reflected the president at the time. I thought that was a really nice touch. The Stage Manager was Christine Lowry.

Mike: One funny thing was the bed that was set up in the room was on a platform up two or three feet. The bedside table on Doris’ side of the bed almost got knocked off twice. That was right next to where we were sitting. She caught it both times. I really wanted to go back and see if she caught it every time. Hopefully they’ll be able to attach that so that it doesn’t go over.

Laura: The costumes were also very nicely done. They were time period appropriate, especially in the 1965 scene. Doris came in wearing blue jeans and kind of a fringed leather jacket. I thought it was hippy looking. He was wearing more of the suit. Then in the next scene she was more conservatively dressed and he was wearing the blue jeans and the blue long sleeved shirt. I thought it was interesting.

Mike: I think John Bordeaux and Lisa Anne Bailey did a fine job with their roles. They did appear to have a spark between them. There were a few scenes where that were strained a bit. I think they worked well together on this show.

Laura: They did appear like friends who grew up together, almost like next door neighbors.

Mike: Same Time, Next Year is playing on Fridays and Saturdays at 8 PM through April 7th at the Kellar Theater at the Candy Factory in Manassas, Virginia.

Laura: And now, on with the show.


  • George: John Bordeaux
  • Doris: Lisa Anne Bailey


  • Director: Scott Bailey
  • Stage Manager: Christine Lowry
  • Assistant Director: Lesley Wepplo
  • Executive Producer: Anne Ridgway
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