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Indian Head Center for the Arts Agnes of God

By • Feb 15th, 2007 • Category: Reviews

0Agnes of God is a grimy, dark drama set in a psychiatrist’s office; where questions simmer furiously under the mystery of who killed Sister Agnes’ newborn baby?

As the title suggests, Agnes (Katherine Prout) is a nun. She is brought to the offices of Dr Martha Livingstone (Constance S Hamilton) by her Mother Superior (Sheila Draper), after the discovery of her murdered newborn child that she has no recollection of conceiving, carrying or delivering.

Ms. Prout is stunning in her portrayal of joyful, bewildered innocence as Sister Agnes. The trauma her character has undergone is believable and all the more so because of the integrity Ms. Prout brings to keeping Agnes an innocent. Her innocence is not defined by her guilt or innocence, by criminal or moral failings but by the nature of her person.

Sheila Draper is a feisty Mother Superior with some wonderful moments in her scenes with Agnes and newcomer Constance S. Hamilton presented a credible, well thought out first performance. There was some mild disconnect in lines and pacing with the Draper and Hamilton duo as well as some unrefined line mechanics none of which impeded the strength of the script or of this production.

The stark set worked beautifully for the Spartan staging and the small stage area. The full house did not allow for good sight lines for all of the scenes but the intimacy of the setting compensated for the same.

Director Bill Graves integrated music and scene changes seamlessly while creating many beautiful (and horrific) visual tableau’s within the scenes. Graves insight to the script really focused on the pathos of this young novice who truly was of God… and embraced her passionate faith while still allowing the relentless questions of the voice of Science to batter the voice of Religion.

Peilmier’s script is not a walk in the park. It is beautifully crafted but dark and mysterious with many twists and turns. All of this is difficult to accomplish in any ensemble, particularly in this type of drama where none of the characters are quite what they seem. All three women have something to hide and the revelation of their secrets is an intriguing evening’s entertainment. Agnes of God is well worth the cost of admission.

Don’t miss upcoming performances of Agnes of God – weekends (Fri-Sat-Sun) through March 11th at the Black Box Theater – Indian Head Center for the Arts in Indian Head, MD (301)743-3040

(Photos courtesy Craig Hower, NobleHeart)

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