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Port City Playhouse Anton in Show Business

By • Jan 23rd, 2007 • Category: Reviews

Listen to our review of Port City Playhouse’s production of Anton in Show Business [MP3 5:48 1.7MB].

Laura: Friday night we saw Port City Playhouse‘s production of Anton in Show Business in Alexandria, Virginia.

Mike: Anton in Show Business is a play written by Jane Martin. it follows the misadventures of three actresses who have been cast in a Texas theater company’s production of Anton Checkov’s The Three Sisters.

Laura: I laughed a lot throughout this show, I thought it was really funny. The timing and pacing were really good. I thought everybody worked well together. There were a ton of really fast costume changes. I was pleased that they went so smoothly. Some of them seemed like they were five seconds and they were back on stage. I was really impressed by that.

Mike: This was a really enjoyable show. It was another in a series of shows coming out right now that show behind the scenes. I Hate Hamlet talks about the joys of doing Shakespeare. Noises Off is playing at Arena Stage and you get to see the behind the scenes of how a show comes together. In Anton in Show Busines you get to see the audition process for a show. You get to see the actresses getting to know each other better. You get to see the financing of how the show happens. It was just kind of a neat show. I did enjoy it. It was pretty funny. There was a lot going on with the theater itself. It helps if you know a little bit about theater, but even if you don’t you will enjoy this show.

Laura: The three main actresses played the title roles of Anton Chekov’s play The Three Sisters. One of them was Holly, the Hollywood starlet, played by Amy Hard. I thought she was really funny. She was way over the top, but that was definitely her character. She thought she was wonderful and almost was coming down to sort of a lower level to do this acting thing. But I really liked her because towards the end of the play she started to realize what acting was all about and I really liked that.

Mike: And the other typical actress was Lizabeth, a brand new graduate from a small university with a drama degree played by Caitlin Brodnick. She was very naive and wasn’t quite cynical yet. At the audition she was very friendly and talking to the other people auditioning. She took the nice innocent girl and learned more throughout the show. Learned how the world works. I think she did that pretty well.

Laura: The third of the Three Sisters was Casey played by Leta Hall. She was the most mature of the three actresses. She has been in theater for a good portion of her life. She has sort of done all, seen all, been all, now she is playing the role of the older more mature actresses. She isn’t exactly happy about it, but it’s what she seems to be cast so it’s what she does. She was very real and very down to earth and I thought she was very funny, too.

Mike: Anton in Show Business is an all female cast. Some of the actresses had to play men. Rhonda Carter played four different characters in the show. I think she did really well. Each of her characters had a different costume entirely, different hair style, a different persona on stage. She really did the parts quite well. Some of the characters she had to do were only on stage for a few minutes, but I like how she pulled those together.

Laura: And another person that had some really fast costume changes was Katie Gentic. She played the role of Kate, Ben and Jackey. At the beginning she played Kate the producer. Then she had a couple male parts. She would go back stage, change costumes really fast and come back with her hair put up in a cowboy hat to play the male parts and I was really impressed by that. She definitely kept my attention. I really enjoyed watching her fast costume changes backstage. She would come come out and be in a new character and was very believable.

Mike: Also in the show were Lori Muhlstein. She played three different directors of the Three Sisters. Sara Joy Lebowitz played Joby, the thorn in the side of the other actresses. Also there were several stagehands. Before the show started they were on stage getting everything ready for the show to start. They would come onstage and do backstage stuff in front of the audience. A few times they had a few minor lines. It was fun seeing them doing stuff and ordering the actors around.

Laura: I liked the set for Anton in Show Business. At the beginning of the play you had a door in the middle of the stage that split the stage into an audition area and a waiting area. Later it was the door to the hotel so a stagehand would come out and move it. I really liked that.

Mike: Anton in Show Business is playing through February 3rd. Fridays and Saturdays at 8 and Tuesday January 30th at 8 at the Lee Center for the Performing Arts in Alexandria, Virginia.

Laura: Once you’ve seen the show, please feel free to leave comments on our website:

Mike: And now, on with the show.

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