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Guys and Dolls, Jr. Love Is in the Air

By • Oct 2nd, 2006 • Category: Reviews

Listen to Laura’s review of the Young People’s Theatre’s performance of Guys and Dolls, Jr. [MP3 2:19 600K].

Roxy's DelicatessenLaura: Hi, this is Laura. And normally this is the part where Mike would say, “And hi this is Mike”, but he’s at a rehearsal for The Time Of Your Life so I’m going to talk about Guys and Dolls presented by The Young People’s Theatre in Woodbridge, Virginia.

Guys and Dolls is the story of Sky Masterson, a gambler who comes to town to find out about a crap game. And Sarah Brown, who is in charge of the Save a Soul Mission in New York City. They meet and fall in love, fall out of love, and fall back in love again.

This was a really cute show. It was almost a packed house. There were a lot of friends and families there to support the kids who really worked hard to do a really great job. There were a lot of dance numbers. A lot of singing, but I really think the kids put a lot of heart and soul into it and it showed on their faces. The audience, I think, really enjoyed it.

One of the main characters was Sky Masterson. He did a really good job. He had some nice dance numbers. A lot of expression on his face. Sky had a scene with Sarah Brown, who was in charge of the Save a Soul Mission. That worked really well. There was a lot of emotion between them. They also had a dance that they did together and really sang well.

One of the down things about performing at the Lazy Susan is the sound. For the Young People’s Theatre they didn’t have any mike’s or anything. I was sitting off kind of to the side so when they were facing away from me, I couldn’t really hear them at all. There were a few people I could hear. They had good lungs and were able to really belt it out. But some of them I couldn’t hear when they were facing away from me.

The set of Guys and Dolls Jr. is really good. They have a good backstage crew that comes on and sets up for the next scene quickly and quietly. So that really helps with the flow of the show very much.

Guys and Dolls, Jr. is playing through October the 8th at the Lazy Susan Dinner Theatre in Woodbridge, Virginia. Once you’ve seen the show, please feel free to leave comments on our website: And now, on with the show.

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