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Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? Not Silver Spring Stage

By • Jul 1st, 2006 • Category: Reviews

Listen to our review of Silver Spring Stage’s production of Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? [MP3 5:10 1.5MB].

Laura: Last night we saw the opening night performance of Silver Spring Stage‘s production of Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? in Silver Spring Maryland.

Mike: Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? was written by Edward Albee in 1962. It’s the story of two couples who get together after a party at the university where the men work. The two couples, George and Martha and Nick and Honey are getting to know each other. George and Martha play a rather vicious game with each other. They try to one up each other with different stories to see how far they can push the other’s buttons. Nick and Honey don’t quite know what to do with that. It’s not funny, but it is a very dark comedy.

Laura: I really enjoyed it very much. It was draining, though because there really wasn’t a plot. It was all character and character development. I almost felt like they were being mean to the guests while they were trying to one up each other. But I enjoyed it. It’s very thought provoking. It did keep my attention the whole two hours and 45 minutes.

Mike: I felt like a voyeur watching these two couples fight and the situations they were getting into. That was just kind of a dark thrill. At one point, the two men are looking at a painting on the wall and they’re looking right out at the audience, as if we weren’t there, which we weren’t because it’s a living room. All four actors did a really great job. It was a very complex script. There were a lot of emotions, with ups and downs. There were good zingers sent off from one spouse to another. Watching it was just kind of a thrill.

Mike: George is played by Craig Miller. George’s character was a professor of history at the university. He was not the department head as his wife so nicely pointed out throughout the evening. He was just henpecked. He did a really good job at feeling frustrated. He could hold his own with Martha at times. I was amazed at how he could change his emotions so quickly from anger or at least faking the anger. We were never really sure if he was really angry at Martha or if it was just part of the game. At one point George turns on the other couple, Nick and Honey. You’re not quite sure if he’s enjoying it or if that’s part of the game to try and get Martha off of her game. It was really fiendish of him watching him work.

Laura: Martha was played by Tamara Phillips. I thought she did a tremendous job because by the end of the play I was wanting her medication to be altered or something. The intensity and the emotion in her voice and just everything about her. I didn’t like her, but in a way I did because she played it so well.

Mike: Nick, the Biology professor was played by Aiden Hughes. He did a really good job. The character had a bit of a conundrum about him because he could have left at a few points early in the show and he didn’t. They stayed. That was kind of a strange feeling. Then later in the show he could have left, but his wife was a little sick so he stayed. Then he really got involved with Martha. So he was a mystery and I think Aiden did a really good job with having that confusion and that sense of mystery about him come out.

Laura: Honey was played by Annette Kalicki. She really did a great job. She was really funny to watch. She enjoyed her brandy very much. She was really good about turning on the tears and switching emotions quickly. She was really fun to watch. I enjoyed watching her performance very much.

Mike: The set was really well done. It was very detailed. There were lots of books on the shelves and they really looked to be old books like I remember from my grandparents house. There was also a 1960’s stereo hi fi that was used during one point. They also made good use of the stage. The stage is a square with the audience off to one side and then the audience off to the other side at a ninety degree angle. They made the best use of that by having the actors actually looking out at the walls at one point, looking at the painting on the wall. That was really quite effective. All of the entrances were at the back. They had a stairwell and a bathroom area as well as a kitchen area and the main door to the outside porch. All the entrances were really well done.

Laura: The performance does include adult situations and language. Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? is playing through July 23 at The Silver Spring Stage in Silver Spring Maryland.

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Laura: And now, on with the show.

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  1. I saw that this was nominated for a WATCH award and was really glad. My wife wanted to see it and i had seen it in NYC with Kathleen Turner on a business trip with clients. It was friggin BETTER. If I wasnt in a basement I could have been at the Kennedy Center. The set was amazing, and for community theater, the acting was just unreal. You cant pull off this play without top notch actors in sync and they were NYC quality. The Groucho Marx thing that George did was great and Martha was better than Kathleen Turner but did have a vibe like her . The guy that played Nick was great , I saw in the program that he did more movie work but he is no slouch. It helped that he was a GQ type but he has chops. And it was funny how he was so much taller than the other three, it added to the arrogance of the character. He seems new to DC but I hope to see him again. Honey was perfect and really funny . This was a great show, I am going to go back to this Theater. Coyote was really good, that’s why we checked this out. WOW!