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Don’t Miss the Boat: See Anything Goes

By • Jul 4th, 2006 • Category: Reviews

Listen to our review of The Aldersgate Church Community Theater’s production of Anything Goes [MP3 3:31 1MB].

Laura: Last weekend we saw The Aldersgate Church Community Theater‘s production of Anything Goes in Alexandria, Virginia.

Mike: Anything Goes is a musical. It takes place aboard the SS American. A ship sailing from New York to England. It does have an unusual group of passengers including gangsters, a wealthy debutante, a night club singer, a wealthy businessman, and a few stowaways just to make things interesting. There are adventures galore as they cross the Atlantic.

Laura: I really enjoyed the performance. Everyone did a great job. The dancing was really well done, all of the dance numbers were really well performed. I think the actors really enjoyed themselves and that spilled over into the audience.

Mike: I agree, this was a really fun show. Everybody was having a really good time. It was a really large audience which helped. You could kind of feel the actors getting the energy back from the audience as they would laugh and clap.

Laura: Billy Crocker was played by Ron Hardcastle. He came aboard to win back the love of the debutante. You’ll have to see the show to see if she wins his love back or not. He did a really good job. He had a nice voice and a lot of emotion. I enjoyed the song he did with another actress called, “You’re the Top.” It was a little dance number that they did really well.

Mike: The part of the night club singer, Reno Sweeney, was played by Marie Wakefield. She did a great job with the songs. Reno did have a lot of songs to sing. She commanded the stage when she was on stage. She was really well cast for that roll. One of the songs I really enjoyed was “Blow, Gabriel, Blow.” Ms. Wakefield did a great job with that song. The chorus when they were backing her up also had a lot of fun with it. It was really a fun, upbeat, toe tapping number.

Laura: The set was also really well done. The set changes were very smooth. There was a live orchestra that played during the set changes so I didn’t feel the rhythm got broken at all.

Mike: On the back of the set there was an upper deck which was where the orchestra was situated. They were up above everybody else. The nice thing about that was the music did not overpower most of the songs. There were a couple songs that I thought it was a little muddy, but that was pretty much when the whole chorus was on stage singing. The disadvantage of using the upper deck was there were a few scences where there were people walking up there and a few scenes where there were people singing up there. Unfortunately there weren’t bright lights on the upper deck. Probably because they didn’t want the lights to blind the conductor or the musicians. So the people who were on the upper deck were in darkness which was a little distracting.

Laura: Anything Goes is playing for one more weekend, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday in Alexandria, Virginia. Once you’ve seen the show, please feel free to leave comments. If you’d like to join our mailing list to stayed informed of events and other information, please do so at

Mike: We also have the soundtrack from the 1962 off Broadway revival of Anything Goes. It’s on our online radio station. You can listen at

Laura: And now, on with the show.

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