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ShowBizRadio listed on iTunes

By • Jul 5th, 2006 • Category: ShowBizRadio

One of the features of ShowBizRadio is our Internet based radio station. We play lots of Broadway soundtracks, and are always looking for more music to add. We pay the royalties for the music we play, so that this is an entirely legal way to listen to your favorite music and to hear some less commonly head music. When we first started this website, and the radio station, we broadcast a weekly listing of the upcoming shows in the DC region, as well as our reviews. Unfortunately, it turns out we can’t do that, as it is seen as advertising in the eyes of the host we are using, Live365. But we’ve continued to keep adding new music to the station regularly.

We are very pleased to announce that ShowBizRadio has been included in the iTunes application as a radio station. On the left sidebar of iTunes you should see a section called “Radio.” Click on that, and you’ll see a listing of genres of music. Under “Eclectic”, you’ll find 92 different streams of music. “” is about 2/3 of the way down. Simply double click our name and you’ll be listening to our station.

Live365 is a network of over 5,000 active online radiostations. Each day Live365 generates a chart showing how many hours of listeners each station has had over the past 30 days. ShowBizRadio hovers around 2,500 hours of listenership, or 85 hours per day. We are the 5th most popular station in the Showtunes genre, or around 1,040 overall. It would be great if we could get some more listeners, to boost our rank. If you could listen to the station, or even have it playing and have iTunes muted, that would help our ranking.

The station does have advertising, but that money goes back to Live365 to help offset their expenses. You can purchase a VIP membership, which gives you a special player program that shows the names and artists of the songs playing, plus it strips out the ads. A VIP membership also gives ShowBizRadio a few cents for every hour you listen, which does add up and helps us offset the licensing expense. We’d like to get some people started on the VIP program, so we’re giving away 5 one month long VIP memberships. Simply send us an email mentioning the radio station, and we’ll draw 5 people at random on Wednesday July 12th. This is a $5.95 value. VIP memberships can cost as low as $3.65 a month with a 2 year membership. If you follow this link to Live365, we’ll also get a referral fee on anything you purchase from Live365.

Thanks, and now, on with the show!

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