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Elden Street Players Three Tall Women

By • Apr 10th, 2006 • Category: Reviews

Listen to our review of Elden Street Players’ production of Three Tall Women [MP3 4:23 1.3MB]; or read the transcript.

Laura: Tonight we saw the Elden Street Players‘ production of Three Tall Women.

Mike: Three Tall Women is a play written by Edward Albee. It’s a story in two acts of three women who are tall. The first act is a 26 year old, a 52 year old, and a 92 year old talking about life in general. It focused on the 92 year old. The second act is the three women again, except it is the same woman discussing her life with herself, at 26, 52, and 92. It was a very effective device. She talked about aging and the process of life. So what did you think of the show, Laura?

Laura: I really enjoyed it. It was a deep show, not a comedy. It provided for much discussion on the trip home. I liked how the actor and three actresses interacted with each other. I enjoyed it very much. What did you think of it Mike?

Mike: I thought it was a really good show. It was serious, but it also had some really funny lines. The oldest actress, actress A was played by Carla Scopeletis. She played the 92 year old and could say a lot of things at 92 that you couldn’t say at 26. She had most of the funny lines.

Laura: The 26 year old, was played by Courtney Sale. She did a very good job. She was also very emotional with her reaction to the other women. At 26 she had her whole life ahead of her and had big dreams about the future. In the second act her older selves came along side and gave her a reality check. She didn’t appreciate it, but she still did well with her role.

Mike: Her idealism was what they were calling her on. Woman B was played by Karen Havener Handley. She laughed at her younger self and felt she was being so naive. I liked it very much. I liked how the three women ganged up on each other at times. I don’t know if that’s how all women are, but it was very effective.

Laura: The fourth actor was the Boy. He was played by Josh Doyle. He had a difficult part because even though he had no speaking lines he had to react to what the other women were saying.He played his role very well. I liked the set very much. Elden Street Players always has interesting set designers that they work with. It was very detailed. You had a bedroom and a sitting room area and off to the side a desk with a chair. The room was done in red and gold. It was very ornate.

Mike: One thing that was kind of interesting was the use of the lighting on the set. It kind of went up and downn in intensity during the first act. In the second act you could tell that the light dimming was part of a flash back or a dream sequence. Overall I wasn’t sure what the lighting was all about. It wasn’t a distraction. You just learned to deal with it.

Laura: So all in all I recommend seeing Three Tall Women. It is a good show and I think you’ll enjoy it. It is playing through April 15th.

Mike: It will definitely make you think. It will get you to think about your life, what you were like growing up, and your life experiences. Three Tall Women is playing at the Elden Street Theatre through next weekend.

Laura: And now, on with the show.

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