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Love, Sex, and the IRS: Three serious topics made very funny

By • Apr 30th, 2006 • Category: Reviews

Listen to our review of Love, Sex, and the IRS performed by The Little Theatre of Alexandria [MP3 4:07 1.2MB]; or read the transcript.

Laura: Tonight we saw a really funny show called Love, Sex, and the IRS performed by The Little Theatre of Alexandria in Alexandria, Virginia.

Mike: Love, Sex, and the IRS is the story of Jon and Leslie, two guys living in New York City. John is an accountant. He decides to do their taxes every year and figures out that he could save a lot of money if he and Leslie are married. Unfortunately they get audited and Leslie has to pretend he is a she and dress up like a woman. There is also a mother involved, a girlfriend or two, an IRS man, the landlord who thinks someone else is living in the apartment. You put it altogether and you get a really funny show. They did really well with the show.

Laura: I really enjoyed it. I had a good time this evening watching everybody lie and then try to cover up their lies with more lies and dressing up in tights. It was a really fun show. I enjoyed the IRS agent Floyd Spinner played by Greg Christopher. He did a really good job. He had a lot of emotion and got drunk really quickly. He played his part really well.

Mike: I really liked Leslie played by Alex Avila. Leslie was the unfortunate soul who got stuck having to wear the dress. He was in the dress, then out of the dress. He was in the makeup and out of the makeup. He even got to jump off of walls. He had a tough part. It was pretty physical comedy. It was also probably embarrassing because he had to wear a dress. He did that pretty well.

Laura: I think everyone played their parts well. They all got into their character and showed a lot of emotion and reacted well to each other.

Mike: The entire cast was very comfortable working together. Leslie and Jon and then Kate the girlfriend and fiance respectively.

Laura: I really thought everyone performed well together. The IRS man, Floyd Spinner, and Kate Dennis the fiance I thought really reacted well together. There was physical comedy. I just like how they played off of each other and the emotions they felt towards each other. It was an enjoyable evening for those two.

Mike: One thing that we are curious about is how you choose as an actor what parts to do. For example, Alex Avila who played Leslie had to know up front that he was going to have to dress up like a woman. He would have to wear makeup and be kind of over the top and be in drag for a good part of the show. So Alex if you’re out there we would love to interview you. Send us a comment or an email. What was going through you’re head at tht first rehearsal when you found out you were going to have to dress in drag.

Laura: I really liked the set in tonight’s show. It really looked like a New York City apartment. There was a couch and a bar area. There was also an area that led to the upstairs. I thought it was really well done.

Mike: It was very detailed in that it wasn’t a super nice, modern apartment. At one point the landlord comes in and comments that it isn’t that nice a place. The paint was peeling and chipped. You could look out the window and see the apartment building across the street. There were a lot of small details on the apartment unit that were nice. There were special effects in the show. They included glass breaking and other effects that took place on the stage that we won’t go into. They were a surprise and very effective.

Laura: So that’s Love, Sex, and the IRS performing from April 22nd thru May 13th at The Little Theatre of Alexandria in Alexandria, Virginia. If you’ve seen the show and would like to leave a comment, feel free to do so on our website:

Mike: And now, on with the show.

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  1. Hello to Mike and Laura. This is Alex Avila who played Leslie in LTA’s Love, Sex, and the IRS. I would like to say that it was a bit startling when i was told that I would be in drag for the first time. But, as rehersals went on I got more and more used to idea (I kept telling myself that it was for my art!). I actually got pretty good at heels and learned to do my own bad makeup backstage. The dress isn’t all that bad to wear, but the wig is itchy, and the red bra hurts like hell (I think they got the back size wrong). If you’d like to know anything else, drop me a line and I’ll do my best to respond. Take care and keep the show going.

    Alex Avila

    p.s. Thanks for the good press!