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Grease! The School Version

By • Apr 22nd, 2006 • Category: Reviews

Listen to our review of the Young People’s Theatre production of Grease: The School Version [MP3 3:01 900KB]; or read the transcript.

Laura: This afternoon we saw the Young Peoples Theatre‘s performance of Grease: The School Version at the Lazy Susan Dinner Theatre in Woodbridge.

Mike: Grease: The School Version is a sanitized version of the musical Grease from Broadway. Very similar to the movie Grease that was out in the 70’s and starred Olivia Newton John and John Travolta. A lot of the material from the movie and the broadway show were taken out or rewritten for the school version. So what’d you think of the show?

Laura: I really liked it. I thought it was cute. The kids did a really good job. They looked like they were having fun and so the audience did, too. Everybody had a good time with it. What did you think of it, Mike?

Mike: I liked it also. It was about 2 hours long including a 20 minute intermission. They sang a lot of the songs from the movie, but did cut out some scenes and some songs. The ones they sang were really well done. The problem, of course with children, was you couldn’t hear all of the children all of the time.

Laura: The age range was between 6 and 17. Their diaphragms haven’t quite caught up with them. They tried really hard, but on some of the songs the music drowned them out.

Mike: I liked Sandy’s and Danny’s role and the way they portrayed their characters. Danny did really well with the singing and the dancing.

Laura: I really liked Vince Fontaine. He did a great job and stole the scene at the sock hop.

Mike: All of the actors did well with their parts. There was a lot of singing and dancing to put together, but they were all having fun. The background actors while the songs were going on were doing things appropriate to the song. They were making fun or helping support or doo-wopping. So they had a lot of fun with it.

Laura: I really liked the costumes. They were bright and colorful. Definitely in the style of the 50’s.

Mike: I was surprised by how many leather jackets there are. I wasn’t actually expecting to see that many Fonzi’s on stage. The scenery was well done. There was a rotating platform on one side where they could rotate a couple different scene areas. They also had some benches they could move on and off as well as some benches and tables for the kids to sit on and eat lunch. They had a car that rolled in and out for the drive in movie scene and the hubcap stealing scene. It was nice to have a “car” on stage with the actors.

Laura: That’s Grease performed by the Young Peoples’ Theatre performing at the Lazy Susan Dinner Theatre in Woodbridge. It’s a really fun show. I think you’ll enjoy it and definitely something for the whole family. It’s playing through next Sunday afternoon.

Mike: This would be a good opportunity if you have a child who doesn’t know anything about theater. It may get them interested. So I would encourage you to see the Young Peoples’ Theatre’s Grease: the School Version.

Laura: And now, on with the show.

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