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Godzilla is Loose!

By • Apr 21st, 2006 • Category: Reviews

Listen to our review of the Landless Theatre Company’s production of Godzilla; [MP3 3:33 1MB] or read the transcript.

Laura: Tonight we saw the Landless Theatre Company’s production of Godzilla performed at the DC Arts Center in Washington DC.

Mike: The play Godzilla was originally written by Yasuhiko Ohashia and translated into English by M. Cody Poulton. It’s the story of Godzilla who falls in love with a Japanese girl and she brings him home to meet the family and then he takes her to meet his family. The two families are not too happy about it. So what did you think of the show, Laura?

Laura: It was an interesting show.

Mike: It was different. You kind of have to be a fan of Godzilla.

Laura: I never followed it growing up. I don’t think I ever saw a Godzilla movie.

Mike: I remember watching Godzilla movies on Sunday afternoons. So I kind of knew a little bit about Godzilla, but I didn’t remember the other monsters that were in it. Mothra was in there and Pygmon also. It was good. Tt had some funny parts and serious parts, but it was kind of slapstick.

Laura: The lighting was good. There was a spotlight on the volcano that erupted. They had good lighting on the actors and actresses.

Mike: They did do some special effects. One wall was used as a projection screen. During the early part of the show the narrator came out and spoke in Japanese and the English subtitles were projected up on the stage wall so you had to read along.

Laura: There were some tecnical oopses. At one point Mothra whipped out his silly string to spray on Godzilla and nothing happened.

Mike: But they covered well. They laughed at it because it was a comedy.

Laura: Later Godzilla ran back and got some string that worked and brought it out. At another point Godzilla was sitting on the bench next to Mothra. When Mothra got up the bench started to tilt.

Mike: The cast worked well together. The role of the girl who is in love with Godzilla was played by Kate Hundley. She did a really good job. She played an innocent young girl who didn’t know anything about love or where babies come from. The stork brings babies is what she shares with us.

Laura: She had an opening monologue when she first came out and did well with that. She had the touching closing scene when they had to leave the island because lava was spewing all over everything.

Mike: The closing scene wasn’t as strong as the opening scene. In the closing scene you weren’t quite sure if it was a dream or if it was real. Or if she was denying what was happening. It wasn’t as strong. The opening scene she did really well. The other performers were a little uneven because you really couldn’t identify with them. The monsters did ok. Monsters have limitations of “I’m in a cocoon” or “I have small little arms so I can’t clap my hands or play cards” or things like that. So if you’re a fan of Godzilla or Japanese culture or Japanese anime, I think you’ll enjoy the show. It is playing in DC at th DC Arts Center through May 7th. Thursday through Sunday at 7:30 pm.

Laura: And now, on with the show.

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