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Murder on the Nile: I Didn’t Do It

By • Mar 27th, 2006 • Category: Reviews

Listen to our review of Montgomery Playhouse’s production of Murder On The Nile; [MP3 3:40 3.4MB].

Laura: Tonight we saw the Montgomery Playhouse‘s production of Murder On The Nile that is playing through April 9th.

Mike: Murder On The Nile is an Agatha Christie murder mystery. Takes place aboard a ship going up the Nile River. The story revolves around Kay Mostyn who is a beautiful heiress. She gets murdered while on her honeymoon. So the question of course is who done it? Everyone on the ship seems to have had a motive for wanting her dead.

Laura: I really liked it. I thought everybody played their parts well. It was funny. It was the typical Agatha Christie who done it. I enjoyed it even though I guessed the wrong person.

Mike: I guessed the wrong person three times. I kept thinking that it could have been him and then it couldn’t have been him. It will surprise you like Agatha Christie murders usually do.

Laura: The actress I really liked was Joan Roseboom. She played Miss ffoliot foulkes. I thought she was just so irritatingly funny that she was just hysterical. She was over dramatic and the world revolved around her. When the first murder happened she became convinced that her cabin wasn’t safe, that somebody was going to come in and kill her. The other passengers were hoping that would happen.

The gloves come off as Jackie (Melissa Robinson) confronts Canon Pennefather (Michael Gilmore).

Mike: The character I liked was Canon Pennefather played by Michael Gilmore. He had a lot of lines and he did them really well. He also had to play the detective role once the murder happened. Of course the other people began to wonder why he is being the detective. Maybe he did it. It worked every which way. He threw out scripture and philosophy. He had a lot to keep straight and he did pretty well with it. All of the actors did well with their roles. The only awkward part was that you couldn’t hear Alyssa Joy. She played Christina Grant. She had a really soft voice. It fit the character, but you couldn’t hear her too well. The other actors had more of a presence on stage and could belt out their lines. So pay attention because you might miss what she’s saying. But that was the only sound problem that I really saw.

Laura: I liked the costumes, they fit the 1930’s. They weren’t flashy or anything.

Mike: Both of the Mostyns were flashy because they were rich. Miss ffoliot ffoulkes was fancy because she was high class and she will let you know, repeatedly. All of her little accouterments were fancy, too. It was a complete package for all the characters. I really liked the set. It looked like a boat . They called it a casino or gathering place. You could look out the window and see a blue sky. It would have been nice if they could have rigged clouds moving by or seagulls flying through the air, or trees moving to show that the ship is moving. I don’t know how you would do that, but it’s just a thought. All in all this was a really good show.

A cruise down the Nile seems the perfect honeymoon, and the perfect escape, for newlyweds Simon (Thomas LeMole) and Kay (Heather Burns).

Laura: Yes. I recommend that you go see Murder On The Nile. It is playing through April 9th. Call for reservations. It wasn’t a full house tonight, but there were quite a few people there. Even though it was a large auditorium it was a pretty full house.

Mike: Montgomery Playhouse at Asbury. The show is playing through April 9th. If you’ve seen the show or have comments about the show feel free to leave them on our website:

Laura: And now, on with the show.

The mysterious Smith (Rob Allen) proposes to Christina (Alyssa Joy) and awaits her final decision.

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  1. yeah. i liked the cabin-mates the best. [but that’s just me. =]]

  2. The performances of the cabinmates and the beadsellers are alone worth the price of the ticket.