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Review: Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat

By • Jan 26th, 2006 • Category: Reviews

Listen to our comments on the touring version of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, playing at the Hippodrome in Baltimore [MP3 4:08 3.8MB].

Mike: We saw a really good show last night in Baltimore.

Laura: Yes we did. Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.

Mike: This is part of the national tour production of Joseph starring Patrick Cassidy and Amy Adams.

Laura: Yes, based off the musical by Tim Rice and Andrew Lloyd Webber. It’s the account in Genesis of Joseph and his

Mike: multicolored dreamcoat. That was a gift from his father. And a lot happened from that.

Laura: Got him into a lot of trouble.

Mike: This was a really good show. For one it’s a Broadway touring show so this is kind of like the standard that all the theaters are shooting for. You had 20 some actors on stage dancing, singing. You had a children’s choir from thr Maryland Children’s Chorale, I believe it was. So you had an extra 18 children on stage. You had costumes like you wouldn’t believe.

Laura: Oh, yeah, glow in the dark costumes. In the Go, Go, Go, Joseph scene, they all came on as cheerleaders and danced around. It was really good.

Mike: They had silver shiny pom poms and neon orange and neon green costumes. All with a giant J on their chest.

Laura: I always like going to the Hippodrome because I always like what they do with the stage. The use of the stage, the changing of the scenery and stuff is . . . .

Mike: It was very effective use of the stage. It was simple. It was a lot simpler than I was expecting. I’ve seen Joseph before. We’ve got the Donny Osmond videotape. Of course that was the filmed version, but still, it was a lot simpler than I was expecting. They did really well. Lighting is what helped sell it a lot. They had many different lighting colors and cues coming up. The singing was really good. They had everything from western music to calypso to

Laura: 50’s

Mike: 50’s to go go dancing. Elvis made an appearance.

Laura: One of my favorite characters was Elvis. Also known as the Pharoah.

Mike: He was the king in case you’re missing that reference. There were many in the audience who hadn’t seen it before and I just gave it away. It was a good surprise.

Laura: It was good with it. He did really well with it. He had the right Elvis 50’s costume on. Lot’s of glitter and gold. And it sounded pretty good to him, to Elvis. He had fun with the role; flirting with the audience and flirting with the actresses on stage.

Laura: He hammed it up really well and he had a nice singing voice, too.

Mike: Amy Adams was the Narrator. She narrated what was going on. She had a lot of songs to sing throughout the play and she did really well. I wasn’t expecting too much. I’ve seen a few episodes of American Idol and she was one of the 10 finalists on one of the seasons. She did really well.

Laura: She had a good range. Did really well with the songs. A few times I felt like she may have sung through her nose a little bit, but she hit the high notes well.

Mike: And then Patrick Cassidy played Joseph, the main character. He was in almost every scene. There were a few scenes where he was off stage getting costume changes,

Laura: Being taken to Egypt.

Mike: Being taken to Egypt. So he had to travel a bit. But he did really well.

Laura: I liked his emotions and his song of “Any Dream Will Do” I felt he got into his part well. So I really enjoyed it.

Mike: I really enjoyed it. He show is about two hours long. It had a really long intermission in the middle. I don’t know why, they didn’t change too much. It was long intermision, but it was a good show.

Laura: I definitely recommend it. It’s playing

Mike: for another two to three weeks in Baltimore. There are probably still tickets available. There were a few empty seats.

Laura: It wasn’t a full house, but it was pretty full.

Mike: So if you have the time, go on out to the Baltimore Hippodrome.

Laura: And now, on with the show.

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