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Review: A Christmas Carol (Vpstart Crow)

By • Dec 3rd, 2005 • Category: Reviews

Listen to our review of A Christmas Carol as performed by Vpstart Crow [MP3 2.9MB 3:07].

Laura: We’re talking about Vpstart Crow‘s production of a Christmas Carol.

Mike: This is Charles Dicken’s A Christmas Carol that everybody has probably read in school. Every year at Christmas someone does it in the area. It turns out that Vpstart Crow does it every year as one of their traditions.

Laura: At the Cramer Center in Manassas, Virginia.

Mike: They do it a little differently each year is what we’re hearing. This year they actually had Charles Dickens on stage reading the story through parts of it as the narrator. I had not seen that before, that was kind of cool.

Laura: I thought that was an interesting way to present the play to the audience. I thought it was a good show.

Mike: It was good. The very opening part was the directors came out and did some introductory comments to the audience. That was a little strange. I don’t think the directors should express doubts about how the actors will do. That was a little strange.

Laura: I think she was a little nervous.

Mike: She was nervous, but it came off really well.

Mike: It was about an hour and 45 minutes in length total. Which isn’t too bad at all for a very cold December evening. The costumes were pretty good. They used the stage well. Had lots of entrances. They even used the aisles. They used the main aisle of the Cramer Center. Plus Scrooge walked down the aisles of the chairs on the floor level. That’s kind of neat.

Laura: That was kind of neat. I hadn’t scene that before. The way he used all the stage while staying in character as Scrooge walking around greeting people or whatever it called for. I liked the lighting, too. I thought the sound and the lighting were good.

Mike: There were a few parts where the lighting was a little too dark. You have lots of lighting effects happening when the ghosts are carrying Scrooge to different places. I think sometimes Scrooge was a little too much in the dark. So you couldn’t see him reacting well to the scene he was remembering or seeing.

Laura: You could also argue that that’s part of his transformation from being in the dark to being in the light.

Mike: Oooo, deep meanings. Christmas play with a meaning, that is A Christmas Carol. You do need to go see A Christmas Carol. It’s in lots of places. So all in all it was a good show. I would encourage you to make time in your Christmas seaon to go see A Christmas Carol. Vpstart Crow is playing for the next two weeks. Tonight was opening night so you actually have two and a half weeks to go see it.

Laura: Yes, I definitely recommend going and seeing A Christmas Carol performed by Vpstart Crow Productions. And now, on with the show.

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