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Review: A Christmas Carol (Fauquier Community Theater)

By • Dec 3rd, 2005 • Category: Reviews

Listen to our review of A Christmas Carol as performed by the Fauquier Community Theater [MP3 4.3MB 4:39].

Laura: We’re talking about Fauquier Community Theater‘s production of Charles Dicken’s A Christmas Carol that we saw on Friday night.

Mike: We saw it opening night. It was a packed house. You needed to have tickets in advance.

Laura: It was a good show.

Mike: They worked really hard. This is one of those pieces that everybody does because it’s popular. It’s a fun show. Mickey Mouse did it. I’m sure dozens of tv shows and movies have done the the three ghosts of past, present and future ghost Christmasses.

Laura: One thing I liked about this production was they had kind of narrators throughout the entire thing that kind of kept you up to speed as far as what was happening. I thought that was good. I hadn’t seen that before.

Mike: I hadn’t seen that before. The five narrators were different ages and kept the story going. They started out by reading the first page of the book by Charles Dickens, the story. So I thought that’s all they were going to do, but they flowed throughout the scenes, narrating invisible ghosts telling you what ws happening. They helped move the action along.

Laura: The set was good. The staging was good. There was a little bit of long pauses between set up and take down.

Mike: The scene changes took awhile, but they did have music going so it wasn’t totally boring. It was kind of complicated scene changes so it took awhile to get done. They moved these doors around from left to right and back to left and that just kind of seemed like wasted action. So maybe since it was opening night they weren’t real confident yet where things should go.

Laura: They were still working out the kinks a little bit.

Mike: But they had a good staging with using the stage well. They used the entire area. They used the back of the deepest part. Had people coming in and out the back as well. Walking past the windows that were there sometimes.

Laura: Everybody had their stage business going on so they weren’t just kind of standing there. They all had something to do.

Mike: There were a few incidents where they dropped candles or tripped over benches and things. Stage fright, opening night, that kind of thing. Hopefully that will get better.

Laura: What about the singers?

Mike: There were a lot of children in the cast and between scenes, there were five or six scenes total, they had some of the girls and a couple of the genglemen come out and they sang a Christmas hymn; a Christmas carol. The music was really loud. It kind of drowned out the singers. I could see them being nervous again. Some of the singers weren’t singing, they were just kind of standing there as moral support I assume. The music needed to be a little softer because I don’t think the children had much of a voice at least for the singing part.

Laura: I would agree with that. I saw some of the characters again that had been in the previous production that we had gone to review Guys and Dolls. Jacob Marley played Nicely Nicely in Guys and Dolls and he did a good job in A Christmas Carol also. Dressed appropriately in rags with the chains that he had made while living and he has a nice booming voice so he came across well in a packed house.

Mike: Michael Reichgott played Ebeneezer Schrooge. He did a really good job with that. It’s unfortunate to play a character that is really well known. You get compared to everybody. It made sense everything he did and I enjoyed watching him.

Laura: He stayed in character and reacted to what was going on around him. I thought was very good.

Mike: He didn’t get quite as scared as I thought he could of at the end from the Ghost of Christmas Future. He did pretty good.

Laura: He changed.

Mike: You did see a change in him. He got tickled at the end when he realized it was still Christmas day. The future hadn’t happened yet. So if you’ve got time this holiday season, go out to Warrenton and see A Christmas Carol. I think you’ll have a good time with your family.

Laura: And now, on with the show.

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