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Review: Harvey

By • Nov 12th, 2005 • Category: Reviews

Listen to our review of Theatre for the Community’s production of Harvey [MP3 1:53 1.7MB].

Laura: We’re talking about the Theatre for the Community‘s production of Harvey that we saw Friday night. It was a good show. The basic plot involves a big white rabbit.

Mike: The main character is Elwood P. Dowd and he has a best friend named Harvey that apparently only he can see but he introduces to everybody. He has conversations, he helps him with his hat and the family members think he’s a little nuts and they try to get him committed to a sanitarium and it goes downhill from there. Who said what when, where. Who’s the crazy person?

Laura: It was a good comedy show. All of the actors stayed in character and really got into it.

Mike: They did a really good job. There were 11 different cast members and I had a really good time. The audience was laughing. It was a small audience. But we all had a really good time. Lots of laughter. They used the stage effectively because they had two sets for the entire show. The left side was the house, the right side was the sanitarium.

Laura: Very well lit.

Mike: It was well lit. You could hear and understand them well. Just all around I had a good time.

Mike: I don’t know what to say you need to go see Harvey. It was fun.

Laura: It was a really good show.

Laura: Yes, This is something you can bring the family to.

Mike: Oh, definitely. Could be a little confusing for really young kids, but I would guess easily middle school, probably older elementry school. It was fun.

Laura: Yes, it was. So I recommend going to see Harvey playing for the next couple weeks.

Mike: It is at the Cramer Center in Manassas. Theatre for the Community doesn’t have a website yet. Go to our website, to get more information.

Laura: And now, on with the show.

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