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Review: The Women

By • Oct 16th, 2005 • Category: Reviews

Listen to our review of the Providence Players performance of The Women [MP3 3:31 3.4MB].

Laura: We just saw The Women performed by the Providence Players in Fairfax, Virginia

Mike: This was a fun show. I enjoyed it.

Laura: Yes, this was a very fun show. Probably one of the better shows we’ve seen so far in our review making.

Mike: We had no idea what to expect from this. We read the synopsis. It’s the story with all women acttresses, I guess you can’t have men actresses, but all women performing.

Laura: Tallking about their trails and tribulations dealing with their husbands, ex husbands, lovers.

Mike: Took place in the 30’s. Took over a couple years. Was a really good show.

Laura: Yes it was well done. It was almost a standing room only performance.

Mike: There were a few empty seats, but it was a ton of people. It was really nice. The cast was the largest cast we’ve seen if you don’t count all the extras that just stand around and don’t do anything. Everybody that was on stage had lines and did stuff. There were 39 different characters.

Laura: Yes, it was a big cast.

Mike: And they did great. I didn’t catch any flubs, didn’t catch any oops, One person came through one of the doors and tripped on the curtain or something.

Laura: Oh really, I didn’t catch that.

Mike: But that was incidental. But that was the only thing I saw.

Laura: The changing of the scenes was smooth. They must have rehearsed that in the technical rehearsal several times because that flowed smoothly.

Mike: And one thing they did that worked really well was they had music playing during the scene changes. So you’re not just sitting there in the darkness watching people do stuff.

Laura: Unfold chairs and roll the bed out and that kind of thing. You had background music going so the audience would know not necessarily know what was going to be happening next, but can get prepared.

Mike: It was the right period music. And a very enjoyable evening. I would definitely say if you want to go see a show. Go see The Women performed by Providence Players. and I would definitely recommend calling ahead and making reservations because there were not many open seats.

Laura: It was a good show. The costumes were also really neat. I think there was a blurb in there about how the costume designer got his start in there.

Mike: You’ve got to go see this show. There was so much to look at. Lots of people on stage. And the ones that were not acting, you know not having to do dialogue. They were just in the background waiting or having finished what the were doing. They were doing stuff.

Laura: Yeah, they were in character. The whole time they were listening in on the conversation without listening in on the conversation so thay had something to talk about when the ladies left. I was really pleased and it was a really good show.

Mike: So I would say go to and check out Providence Players and give them a call or an email to reserve your spot and I think you’ll enjoy yourself.

Laura: And now, on with the show.

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