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Review: Moon Over Buffalo

By • Oct 15th, 2005 • Category: Reviews

Listen to our review of the Prince William Little Theatre performance of Moon Over Buffalo [MP3 8:24 8MB].

Laura: We’re talking about Prince William Little Theater‘s Moon Over Buffalo performed tonight.

Mike: Yeah, we went to the opening night. That’s always a fun treat. We’re not quite sure what to expect and we had read the description of the show and we knew it was supposed to be a comedy, but we didn’t know what to expect.

Laura: There are eight characters. It takes place in the early 1950’s. It’s a struggling troop of actors who are in Buffalo NY where nothing ever happens. They’re repertory company so they do two different shows throughout their stay at whatever this hotel is. They think they have a part with a . .

Mike: The two main actors tried out for a part in a movie and they didn’t get it. So they’re depressed because they’re washed up and they’re stuck in this podunk town of Buffalo, NY. And just deal with life and of course there is stuff going on. People running in and out. The daughter comes to visit and of course she has a new fiance that they don’t know about. It just goes down hill from there.

Laura: Yes, there were some really funny moments and slapstickness going on throughout the performance.

Mike: It was opening night so unfortunately, there were some jitters you could tell. The first act is harder than the second act.

Laura: Yes, you can really see that the actors and actresses were holding back a little bit.

Mike: They’re kind of getting used to I guess being in front of real people. They’d been in rehearsal for a couple months, getting to know each other, but now you’re doing the same thing in front of real people. That kind of maybe scares them I don’t know.

Laura: There was a little hesitation although I didn’t notice any lines being muffed. They had those down pat.

Mike: And they had some complex monologues. Different people would leave. There was one person on stage. That was impressive because monologues are kind of tough. They were doing the actions.

Laura: Drawing the people out.

Mike: The character playing George had some long monologues. And he did pretty good with it. I enjoyed that.

Laura: He did very well and his wife, Charlotte, also carried well. She had good stage pronounciation.

Mike: Shelly Cramer is who that was.

Laura: She could belt it out.

Mike: Greg Powell played George so they weere the married couple. One of the things that kind of bugged me was that they didn’t feel like a real married couple. They didn’t feel real comfortable with each other. By the end of the show it was ok, but the beginning it was too forced. It didn’t feel right.

Laura: But they pulled it together in the second act.

Mike: They pulled it together and you could see they loved each other and you could feel that, but at the beginning it was a little forced.

Laura: Erin Gray played Rossyln, the daughter of George and Charlotte and she had left showbusiness and gone out to get “a real job” in marketing. She came back to see her parents and bring the new fiance who is played by Kevin Kirby.

Mike: He was pretty good. Kevin Kirby, we’ve actually seen him in two other shows over the past few years. We saw him in his debut of You Can’t Take It With You at the elementary school in Manassas. We saw him in another show with the Castaways Repertory Theatre. Can’t remember the name of the show, but we saw him in that one. So that’s kind of neat when you start seeing the same actors doing different parts and stretching themselves. That’s very nice to see.

Laura: It was very good. He did a very nice job with that.

Mike: He had kind of a buffoon part. He was the funny guy. He didn’t know what was going on and kept getting kicked out of the room. And then they would do some stuff and he would come in, not know it.

Laura: Then he would get tied up in the closet.

Mike: So he had a tricky part. And then there was Paul played by Bill Kitsro.

Laura: He was another actor.

Mike: He was Rosslyn’s ex boyfriend. They had a couple of interesting scenes together. Those scenes must be kind of interesting to do in rehearsal. I think they did a good job, though. Kept them together. He was a stage manger/actor.

Laura: The flames were rekindled as the play went on. The performance took place in an elementary school in the gymnasium, which must be hard because they can’t practice there.

Mike: I don’t know where they do practices or anything, but I have a feeling it would not be at the school. There’s kids there all the time and

Laura: And you have to pack up for lunch hour and everything.

Mike: So the room was gym/cafeteria. Had hard metal seats and big empty room so the sound wasn’t great. They did a good job with the sound. They didn’t have microphones that I could tell. That was nice. The lighting was ok. Not a lot you can do with only a couple lights. They have, they being Prince William Little Theater, have started a drive to get a real building for their shows which would help them a lot. Actors are going to feel a lot more comfortable when they’re in their place. They know where everything is; they don’t have to worry about different distances between entrances.

Laura: We know what that’s like, don’t we?

Mike: We’re active in our church drama. We act in that and direct in it. Our church just finished building a building and we move in this Sunday. We have our first drama in two weeks. So we’re doing rehearsals in the building now and that’s just so exciting because we don’t have to worry that there’s going to be something else here on stage. Or someone move all the props. We’ll know where they are and that will be a big help. Hopefully Prince William Little Theater will get into their property whereever that is. It may be a few years, but that will help a lot.

Laura: Yes, I definitely agree.

Mike: And there were also two other actors. Lindsey Wilson played Eileen the grandmother figure. Jay Boling played Richard the lawyer and they had kind of bit parts. Pat Douglas, Ethel was the grandmother. Eileen was one of the other actresses who had had a rendezvous with another actor.

Mike: Don’t want to give it away but she was on and off the stage a lot. She was more off than on. But she did an ok job.

Laura: I think she did well. I think they all stayed in character througout the entire performance.

Mike: I would say it was an enjoyable evening, Not a lot of people there. There were 20-25 people. So come on out. the actors would definitely enjoy to perform for you. Be nice to have standing room only and they can arrange to have more seating I’m sure. So come on out to Prince William Little Theater and have a good time seeing Moon Over Buffalo.

Laura: And now, on with the show.

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