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Review: Love Letters

By • Oct 14th, 2005 • Category: Reviews

Listen to our review of the McLean Theater Alliance performance of Love Letters [MP3 3:27 3.3MB].

Laura: Good afternoon this is the review of Love Letters performed by the McLean Theatre Alliance on Saturday October the 8th in Mclean, Virginia.

Mike: We saw the show Saturday night and we didn’t know what to take of it. Hadn’t ever heard of Love Letters before and it was a super rainy day that day. It was miserable so we weren’t looking forward to it. So we got over there. You know Mclean is a fairly ritzy section of of Virginia. So we were like, “well they’ll probably do a pretty good job with it. ”

Laura: Yeah, it was an interesting story. It was basically done in readers theater style. And it was two friends who had been friends since elementary school age and grew up and went their separate ways, but always managed to correspond through letters.

Mike: Yeah so it ws like 40 or 50 years and you just hear their lives through these readings of the letters back and forth. Every night for the performance. It was on for about three weeks on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays different people do the parts. So when we were thr we saw David and Susan Kahn do the performance. And it turns out they were the producer and the director. So that was kind of good timing for us. So the experience we had might be totally different from yours. Because different readers may read it slightly different and they won’t be as used to it. They’re not coming in cold, but they may just have a different pausing and different emphasis on parts.

Laura: Yeah, and that’s what makes live theater so fun is that in this case you basically get a different show every weekend because everybody does their own thing.

Mike: But it was good. The theater was empty so I don’t know what type advertising they do or marketing they do. I looked at their website early in the week to reserve tickets and the website said, “Go to Ticketmaster to reserve tickets.” So I looked and Ticketmaster was like an extra 8 dollars for two tickets. So I said well let me call and see if I can get them to hold two tickets at the door. So I called and reached somebody at the box office and she said,”Oh you don’t need to worry about that, there’ll be plenty of seats.” and there were. So that’s bad. The actors, even if they are just reading frrom a script. They are getting feedback from the audience. There were some funny lines. There were some sad lines.

Laura: Yep there was laughter.

Mike: And a bigger audience helps the actors. So I wish there had been more people there to enjoy it.

Laura: Well part of it could be the rain kept a lot of people away for tonight. Definitely recommend going and seeing it because you will probably have a totally different experience.

Mike: Yeah it’s also a show that the story matter itself there is adult language and mature situatiions so you don’t want to bring the kids to this show. Definitely not a child’s show.

Laura: This is for the adult evening out.

Mike: Maybe high schoolers. It would open up lots of places you can have a discussion with your teenage children about. But you can catch it over in McLean over the next couple weeks.

Laura: I highly recommend it. And now on with the show.

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