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Review: Hauptmann

By • Oct 2nd, 2005 • Category: Reviews

Listen to our review of the Port City Playhouse’s performance of Hauptmann [MP3 3:39 3.8MB].

Laura: This Friday we attended a performance of the Port City Playhouse, Hauptmann. Which was an interesting show. Not real upbeat and lighthearted that’s for sure.

Mike: This was a different type of show. It was a good show, but you really came out of it depressed. It’s the story of Richard Hauptmann who was accused in the 30’s of murdering the Lindbergh baby and the Lindbergh kidnapping. And it talked about the whole proces from the arrest, the trial, and the execution of Hauptmann at the end. He was found guilty and sentenced to death.

Laura: It was interesting, It would make a great Law & Order today.

Mike: Yeah there was all this legal stuff that back in the 30’s we didn’t have, Miranda rights and some of the things we take for granted.

Laura: Didn’t have DNA testing.

Mike: Didn’t have DNA testing so the body they found may not have been that of Charles Lindbergh, Jr. The show itself they did well with it considering it was such a dark topic.

Laura: Yes, they had all of their props with them in kind of a basket next to them. And at certain points when the characters assumed a different role they would pull out a shawl or a press hat or something and became that character and it was very believable I thought.

Mike: There were 7 actors, 5 men and two women. Almost all 7 were on stage the entire performance. Sometimes they would go off stage to get a prop like a chair or a table. But they weren’t off stage doing costume changes. All the changes took place on stage.

Laura: Yeah you watched who was talking and what they had to say.

Mike: They used, I don’t know if it was on purpose, but it was really effective. The light on Hauptmann who was narrating the entire story. It was really bright and crisp white at times and at other times it was muted. The stage was filled in when there were a lot of people. And it was really effective at playing with your emotions on how to feel.

Laura: Yes, I definitely agree with that. There were a lot of lines to memorize.

Mike: The main character Hauptmann.

Laura: He talked. He has an incredible memory because he had some major lines to memorize.

Mike: He had a long script. Michael Carpin is his name; he did a good job with that. All the people had more than one character including him. Sometimes he was his own lawyer things like that.

Laura: I think he played the kidnapper, too. Or the go between man.

Mike: You have to go see the show to understand. I think it’d definitely worth going to see. You don’t want to take your kids. There were a couple children there and I don’t think they understood what was going on.

Laura: Definitely for more a more mature audience.

Mike: Probably high school and up I would guess. It does talk about kidnapping, there’s no violence or anything, but they do talk about a child being beaten and murdered and kidnapped. But I do think you should go see this show.

Laura: Yes, Hauptmann performed by Port City Playhouse in Alexandria, Virginia. And now on wih the show.

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