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Review: Guys and Dolls

By • Oct 14th, 2005 • Category: Reviews

Listen to our review of the Fauquier Community Theater performance of Guys and Dolls [MP3 5:39 5.4MB].

Laura: Good afternoon, and welcome to’s review of Guys and Dolls, performed by Faquier Community Theatre in Warrenton, Virginia.

Mike: It was a good show, I enjoyed it.

Laura: Yes, I did too. I like Guys and Dolls. There’s a lot of singing and dancing, and a lot of scenery changes. It’s also a long show.

Mike: What’s it about? What’s the basic story of Guys and Dolls? A lot of people have probably seen it, it’s one of those shows every theater company does at some point it seems like.

Laura: Yes, most if not every high school in the area has done it at least once. It takes place in the 40’s you would think?

Laura: Late 40s. And a gentleman comes into town to play with a group of men who are doing a floating crap game. A dice game. and in New York City.

Mike: I think it’s late 40’s.

Mike: So, that’s the basic plot. The guys want to gamble some money. And of course, there’s some women, their girlfriends, and such.

Laura: Oh yeah, there’s Sarah Brown, the leader of the Save A Soul Mission. and is here in New York to turn all of the sinners.

Mike: So she one of the things she is doing is railing against gambling. Of course, no one will have anything to do with her. So SkyMasterston comes into town, he’s a high roller. He’ll gamble on anything. And he ends up having to make a date with and go out to dinenr with Sarah Brown.

Laura: And it happens to be in Cuba.

Mike: They have to go to Cuba for dinner. and they fall in love, and there’s your story. So, of course there’s conflict and there’s another love interest for one of the other characters.

Laura: Oh yes, Nathan Detriot has been engaged to Adelaide for, when the musical opened, they were celebrating their 14 year engagement.

Mike: I think that’s right, so, that was one of the subplots going through was Nathan and Adelaide’s engagement/wedding. and it’s an enjoyable show. It’s got humor, it’s got some serious parts, it has a large cast, and it’s a really long show. It was just under three hours long. There was an intermission halfway through. And it was a long show. Went from a little after 8:00until about 10:45. so that’s impressive.

Laura: Yes, but I do think it was worthwhile, definitely to see.

Mike: Yep, I do think you should see the show. The cast was really good. There were two new people who had not performed at Faquier Community Theatre before. They were the main characters, Amanda Cansler and her husband Davoid Cansler, Sky Masterston, and Sarah Brown. That’s just neat to have your onstage romance to be your real life romance. That’s kind of neat.

Laura: So they don’t have to worry about crazy schedules, because they both have a crazy schedule. And trying to perform and practice. and things like that.

Mike: There were some pretty good dance numbers. There was a fight scene where they choreographed that really well, down in Cuba, one of the characters got drunk, started a fight, and the dancers ended up getting into the fight. It was really well done, you couldn’t watch all of the dancing at once, all of the dancing/fighting because there was a lot of it going on. It’s the small touches that help makes shows really good. I liked when they were in Cuba at the restaurant listening to the music watching the dancing. The waiter kept coming onstage/offstage actually serving drinks to the patrons at the restaurant. And that was just neat, because

Laura: It made it real.

Mike: It made it real. That’s what goes on in a real restaurant. And that’s the little touches that are easy to forget. The guy had no lines, he just dropped drinks, he picked up the money that they left on the tables. And I liked that, that made it fun.

Laura: Yes, I agree,I think it was good. The orchestra was also good too. Because it was a small theater, at times I felt the msuic was a little loud.

Mike: Yeah, we were in the 4th or 5th row, and it was a little loud at times, but it was ok. It was raining hard outside Friday night, and we never heard the rain. That was a nice thing too.

Laura: So I think they did a good job.

Mike: Another one of those little touches I don’t think I’ve seen done anywhere else that I’ve been to, in the playbill, they have the list of actors, and their little description of each actor. And then they have all the technical people, the behind the scenes people listed and their little biography. And then they had the biography of the people in the orchestra.

Laura: Yes, I think that’s the first time that we’ve seen that.

Mike: And that was really cool. They’re just as important, especially for a musical, they’re very important. So give them some recognition. Let them be in the playbill.

Laura: It was nice they were all mentioned, and a little blurb was written up about each person.

Mike: So I think if you have the opportunity, go down and see Guys and Dolls. It’s playing right now at the Facquier Community Theatre in Warrnenton, Virginia. The next show is going to be in December. It’ll be Charles Dicken’s A Christmas Carol.

Laura: And now, on with the show!

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