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Review: Deathtrap

By • Oct 23rd, 2005 • Category: Reviews

Listen to our review of the Vienna Theatre Company performance of Deathtrap [MP3 3:15 3.1MB].

Laura: We’re talking about Deathtrap performed by the Vienna Theatre Company last evening Oct. 22.

Mike: This was in Vienna, VA. And the basic plot of the story is a murder that takes place in two acts with only 5 characters. And it’s one of those plays within a play. Which is real and which is play.

Laura: It was very suspenseful and very good because there is the twist at the end of Act I that I don’t know if you saw coming, I didn’t see it coming ‘cuz I was getting into the play.

Mike: There were lots of twists and we can’t tell you cause the whole point is you have to experience the twist yourself.

Laura: That’s true, but it was very well done.

Mike: They got us good.

Laura: The actors did a good job and this was the smallest cast of characters that I think we’ve seen since we started.

Mike: There were only 5 characters, 5 actors. Usually if there’s a few number of people they have a lot of roles. This one five people five roles. And I will tell you they kept dying so it got smaller and smaller by the end of the evening.

Laura: Yes, that is very true. And I do recommend seeing Deathtrap. There is adult language and adult content.

Mike: So high school or above. High schoolers or above you can talk with them about it, get their feel for it. Nothing x rated or anything, but it’s definitely not younger kids. Not aimed at younger kids. The staging was really well done. There was one scene so there wasn’t elaborate set design. There was elaborate set design, but not a set that had to be changed.

Laura: Yes, taken on or off stage, it was pretty much on stage the whole time.

Mike: And there were some changes done during the first act intermission, but it was all well done.

Laura: It was smoothly run.

Mike: Smoothly run. The cool effect was with the lighting. As part of the set before each scene they had some special effects go on which you weren’t expecting until you saw them the first time. And that was really well done. A little slow, but that was Ok.

Laura: Each scene, at the end of scene 1 you would have

Mike: We don’t want to tell you because it’s a suspense thriller.

Laura: We don’t want to tell you.

Mike: And the people behind us didn’t mind sharing what they thought was going on. That was annoying. It was the first time I’ve had that happen at a show.

Laura: It was like wheel of fortune.

Mike: The costumes were really well done. The stage we talked about, the setting. The tickets were very resonably priced. It was $9. So I would recommend you go see Deathtrap. It’s performing for one more week in Vienna. The 29th and 30th so 2 more evening performances.

Laura: Yep, I would definitely recommend seeing it. And now on with the show.

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