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Beauty and the Beast Review

By • Sep 27th, 2005 • Category: Reviews

Read or listen to our review of the Reston Community Player’s performance of Beauty and the Beast [MP3 5:05 4.9MB].

Laura: Welcome to’s review of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast. Performed by the Reston Community Players on Friday September the 16th, 2005.

Mike: This is Mike.

Laura: and this is Laura and we really liked the show.

Mike: All in all it was a pretty durn good show.

Laura: The stage itself was really well done. They made good use of the set and the background and the colors.

Mike: The lighting was really good. The staging of the castles and the town and the different sets tht would come out. It was all very impressive how it all fit together like a puzzle.

Laura: It was very smooth. Not a lot of banging. Actually I don’t think I heard any banging when they were moving the different equipment out on stage.

Mike: Yeah I think they did a good job with that. There were a couple times when there was a long pause between scenes when they were changing things. So I don’t know if that was an oops or maybe the music forgot to play a little bit to keep us entertained.

Laura: That’s true. This was also the opening night performance. So there were also the last minute…

Mike: It might not have been the opening night, it might have been the second night. Opening night was Friday. But regardless, it was very early in the run.

Laura: So still had a few kinks to work out.

Mike: A few small kinks, but it was enjoyable. It was a really good show.

Laura: Yes, parking was accessible and directions were clear to get to the show. So that was very helpful.

Mike: Had a little bit of trouble with the tickets. We ordered season tickets through their website. Their website usues multiple websites. You kind of bounce around different domain names and websites so the interfaces is different every time. The whole process for ordering season tickets was confusing. So we had to have someone help us when we got there and it turned out we didn’t go through the right process after we paid for the tickets. We didn’t sign up for the exact show we wanted to go see. So they had to help us with that and do it manually. So we know for next time, but that was just really awkward the way that was handled.

Laura: But they were very nice about it and very accommodating.

Mike: Yes, it worked out fine.

Laura: Was it a full house Friday night?

Mike: It was close. i don’t know if it was all the way or not, but definitely a ton of people.

Laura: It was a very full house. The singing and the dancing was really very good. The choreography was well performed. I felt that the second act, after the intermission, they warmed up a lot more than in Act I. I could see some tension. In some of the dance steps I could see some people counting, but overall it was very well done.

Mike: Yeah, I didn’t really have a problem with the dancing. I really wasn’t looking forward to this too much because the only thing I remembered is the cartoon movie from Disney a few years ago so I really wasn’t looking forward to this but it was totally different seeing it live which is one reason I love the theater. Because you are a part of it and that’s just such an important part. Seeing Belle look at you or seeing the Beast bouncing up the stairs, crawling around and pouncing and things. That just makes it so much better of an experience. The first act was a little hesitant. I don’t know what the word is. Maybe lively. They were holding back.

Laura: I think it was just jitters.

Mike: Second act was a definite improvment. The sound was a little better the second act, but the way they had the microphones, they were along the front edge of the stage. So once they moved back deeper into the staging you couldn’t hear them as well. Especially when they turned to talk to another character. So that was something they could work on. I don’t know how. Maybe hanging microphones from the ceiling. Further back on the stage. The acting was really good. The special effects were very good, for a community theater piece. There were not explosions, but there was magic. There was creatures, people turning into teapots and candelabras and clocks.

Laura: And napkins.

Mike: Yes, the napkins. That was one thing I didn’t remember from the cartoon. but these three people came on and they were dancing and I finally clicked that they were napkins. I said that probably louder than I should have, but it was a good show. I enjoyed it. I definitely recommend you go see Disney’s Beauty and the Beast. This was performed by the Reston Community Players.

Laura: And now, on with the show.

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