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Manassas Park High School Meet Me in The Stars

By • Feb 21st, 2013 • Category: Cappies

This truly original production touched everyone in the audience and assured them that with hope and the support of people who love you, no problem is unconquerable.

Manassas Park High School – Lady Windermere’s Fan

By • Mar 9th, 2012 • Category: Cappies

In Manassas Park’s Lady Windermere’s Fan, the value of love, honestly, and fidelity are all discussed in a bitingly blase manner – after all, who really knows the truth?

Manassas Park High School Acts of God

By • Apr 15th, 2011 • Category: Cappies

In Manassas Park’s Acts of God, emotions were tested, beliefs were questioned, but most of all, the actors reminded all in attendance of one very simple, but important, thing: what it means to be human.

Manassas Park High School Hiroshima: Crucible of Light

By • May 12th, 2010 • Category: Cappies

Blinding white covers the stage. In the center, one large white box has exploded open. Words are projected in the background – Hiroshima: Crucible of Light. Manassas Park High School’s production of Hiroshima: Crucible of Light was not your normal high school play, but a thought-provoking production that offered a creative political discussion on the […]

Manassas Park High School And They Dance Real Slow In Jackson

By • Mar 30th, 2009 • Category: Cappies

It’s late. The soft grass of the Jackson, Indiana is swaying silently in the midnight wind. Drunk and out on the porch, a beleaguered American father confesses in his drunken stupor, “My little girl, she is twenty four now and she’s never taken a step. Can’t work her to walking; can’t pray her to walking. […]

Manassas Park High School The Crucible

By • Feb 25th, 2008 • Category: Cappies

In a town governed by religious austerity, the desire to avoid punishment can push a person so far as to ruin the lives of others. Is your friend and neighbor really a witch or is she just lying to save herself from an unfortunate accusation? At what point is saving your life worth abandoning your […]