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Faction of Fools Titus Andronicus

By • Jun 5th, 2014 • Category: Reviews

Faction of Fools turns a problematic script into a stylistic and darkly funny triumph. Far be it from a critic to skewer the company’s efforts.

Faction of Fools Titus Andronicus

By • Jun 4th, 2014 • Category: Reviews

Adapted and staged by Matthew R. Wilson, the Faction of Fools has respected the play’s grisly bones but added a veneer of comic touches to coat the bones and make them a bit more palatable.

Faction of Fools The Lady Becomes Him

By • May 7th, 2013 • Category: Reviews

Faction of Fools’ production of The Lady Becomes Him is an enjoyable frolic through 17th-century Naples, peopled by a group of fun-loving actors.

Faction of Fools Theatre Company Tales of Marriage and Mozzarella

By • Jul 15th, 2012 • Category: Fringe, Reviews

Faction of Fools has figured out that there is no love without cheese, cut or otherwise and presents a series of comic scenes where the comic love is as tasty as the cheeses it references.

Faction of Fools Hamlecchino, Clown Prince of Denmark

By • May 2nd, 2012 • Category: Reviews

Faction of Fools questions sophistry while venerating Shakespeare even as they serve him up medium rare.

Faction of Fools A Commedia Romeo and Juliet

By • Jan 16th, 2012 • Category: Reviews

While this production is not exactly a perfect marriage (pun intended), I think Faction of Fools is on to something here.