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Thunderous Productions And Then There Were None

By • May 27th, 2011 • Category: Reviews

Thunderous Productions’ And Then There Were None had a few bumps in the road for a classic Agatha Christie play.

Arena Stage A Time To Kill

By • May 26th, 2011 • Category: Reviews

A Time To Kill is a well-performed drama with enough humor to keep you laughing as you watched the heartache and tragedy unfold before you.

Shakespeare Theatre Company Old Times

By • May 24th, 2011 • Category: Reviews

Refinement and restraint are much in evidence in the Shakespeare Theatre Company’s current revival of this dark comedy.

Kensington Arts Theatre Jekyll & Hyde

By • May 23rd, 2011 • Category: Reviews

For all of Jekyll and Hyde‘s talk about the duality of good and evil in all of us, chortling, bestial, chemically-induced villainy, however well performed, does not begin to touch the depths of what human beings can do to themselves and others.

Thunderous Productions Prepares for One Act Festival

By • May 23rd, 2011 • Category: News

Thunderous Productions is preparing for their third Annual One-Act Festival, to be held in Sandy Spring, Maryland September 16th and 17th. New plays and performers are needed. We expect to be presenting four of five plays during the two hour presentation. We also anticipate that one of the entries will advance to the MCTFA tournament […]

Silver Spring Stage Three Days of Rain

By • May 23rd, 2011 • Category: Reviews

Three Days of Rain is a serious and emotional play put on by Silver Spring Stage on Saturday evening, with perhaps some interesting blocking decisions, but overall a moving play that explores how events in the past can affect the next generation’s outlook on life.

South County Secondary School Disney’s Beauty and the Beast

By • May 23rd, 2011 • Category: Cappies

It’s a tale as old as time about a Beast, a Beauty, and a happily ever after ending. Its Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, which was performed with skill this past Saturday by South County Secondary School.

West Potomac High School Bye Bye Birdie

By • May 23rd, 2011 • Category: Cappies

West Potomac’s production of Bye Bye Birdie was rooted together by consistent energy and animation.

South Lakes High School The Scarlet Pimpernel

By • May 23rd, 2011 • Category: Cappies

South Lakes’ attempt to revisit this era with much commitment was appreciated by its captivated audience, who were engaged by the unraveling of the hidden identity of the Scarlet Pimpernel.

Mount Vernon High School Little Women

By • May 22nd, 2011 • Category: Cappies

The performance was marked by wonderful energy throughout the show, carried from the smallest to the largest roles. Each and every actor and tech did their part to make this show a joy to watch.