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The Apron Theatre Company Shirley Dreaming

By • Jul 20th, 2010 • Category: Fringe, Reviews
Shirley Dreaming
The Apron Theatre Company
The Apothecary
Through July 20th
85 minutes
Reviewed July 17, 2010

The Official Description: What happens when a starry-eyed graduate with a singing habit is unknowingly put in charge of a failing children’s book company by a mysterious, unseen storyteller? The answer: a magically realistic musical comedy about dreams, life, and living.

What You’ll Like: If you’ve ever made up stories to explain a cranky co-worker’s attitude, or been nervous about your first day at a new job, or wanted to be whisked away from your problems, you could enjoy this musical. Sweet Shirley (Joani Maher) was a bit too much like a deer caught in headlights as she starts her new job, while Steve (Adi Stein) is her hero as he rescues her. The show makes you think about the nature of reality (the building is flooded to the 44th floor?) and merges it with the overactive imagination of Shiley and Steve. The battle between Shirley and Wanda Batt (Caroline Mahoney) was extremely well done.

What You Won’t: Some of the jumps from imagination to “real world” were jarring. You really do have to suspend your disbelief in a musical, but this one couldn’t quite make up its mind on how far from reality we should be taken. Tyler Budde’s script may have been improved by having someone else direct the show. Some of the plot jumps could have been tweaked by the extra set of eyes of the director working on the script.

Overall: I really liked the fantasy sequences, although at times they felt too juvenile.


  • Boss Bass: Cassandra Hannan
  • Shirley Childs: Joani Maher
  • Wandat Batt: Caroline Mahoney
  • Ivy the Intern: Ezree Mualem
  • Steve: Adi Stein


  • Writer, Director: Tyler Budde
  • Music Director, Composer: Craig Budde
  • Stage Manager, Publicist: Caitiln Crotty

Designers and Crew

  • Lighting Designer: Joshua Dick
  • Fight Director: Kyle Encinas
  • Costume Designer: Elizabeth Ennis
  • Technical Director: Jason Zane Gallegos
  • Props Master: Maeve Koch
  • Motion Graphics Designer: Kylos
  • Visual Artist, Digital Set Designer: Kristen Powell
  • PR Representative: Molly Sauer
  • Choreographer: Amanda Smith
  • Sound designer: Kellen Quigley

Slug Shaped Stain (or Pit)

  • Ukelelist, Saxophonist, Water Coolist: Dennis Budde
  • Conductor, Keyboardist, Water Coolist: Craig Budde
  • Guitarist, Maracist: Kellen Quigley

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