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Scena Theatre Mein Kampf – Eine Komodie

By • Aug 1st, 2012 • Category: Fringe, Reviews
Mein Kampf – Eine Komodie
Scena Theatre
Closed July 29th
120 minutes
Reviewed July 27th, 2012

Arts you redty tu vatch diz sho? If so, you better be ok with dark humor. Mein Kampf written by George Tabori and directed by Robert McNamara tells the story of Herlz played by the delightful Stas Wronka when he lived in Vienna before the second World War and he meets a young misbehaved, inconsiderate, loud, obnoxious, rude, mean, arrogant, pompous, ridiculous Adolf Hitler played by the absolutely brilliant Cameron McNary.

This story of dark silly humor, political slander, love, and even a bizarre cooking lesson by the Fuehrer’s main man played by Joseph Carlson has everything you think you’re going to get when you see the posters and the set. Oh the set, talk about setting the mood of the story. The set, designed by Michael Setpowany, has all the right components to place you right there, in a humble neighborhood in ole Vienna, Austria. Costumes designed by Alisa Mandel are carefully put together to fit the scenes and the characters. The amazing amount of detail and character depth they add to each individual part of the cast is nothing short of perfect.

Mein Kampf, with its dark witty comedy, conveys this perfect sense of inequality and loneliness as the main character ‘Shlomo’ battles the primeval urges to be with an adorable Austrian girl played by the very talented Hannah Cassidy Burkhauser. Between debating the old books with his other scholar friend played by Stephen Lorne Williams, selling Bibles at night and trying to write his memoirs which he has coincidently named “Mein Kampf,” Hertz tries to teach young Hitler about some very basic values in life, from not putting his socks in the coffee pot to love for himself.

Hertz begins “mothering” Hitler, hoping his good sense and moral value would rub off on him, but at last Hitler is too much of a stubborn mule to get anything Hertz is trying to make him see. Thus the transition from a mediocre bohemian into the monster he was begins.

Cameron McNary’s take on Adolf Hitler is absolutely hysterical, every “vord,” every expression, and all his temper tantrums making him a thrill to watch. His comedic timing and emphasis outlandish expression make the Fuehrer the most neurotic and over the top character I’ve seen in the whole Fringe Festival, and though what seems like mouthfuls of dialogue he was able to sweep right through it with no problem at all.

Ellie Nicoll, who plays Frau Death, had the stage presence of a duchess. With every careful move and tone in her delivery she made a devastatingly daunting Death.

Director Robert McNamara has definitely hit the nail in the head on this one, with an amazing amount of detail, great comedic choreography, fantastic cast, and a brilliant use of props, light and sound. Mein Kampf is an experience you will never forget.

Production Team

  • Director: Robert McNamara
  • Stage Manager: Kaity Cookson
  • Assistant Director: Sun King Davis
  • Sound Design: James Bigbee Garver
  • Light Designer: Andrew F. Griffin
  • Dramaturg: Gabriele Jakobi
  • Production Manager: Amy Kellet
  • Assistant Stage Manager: Kaitlin Loftur-Thun
  • Costume Designer: Alisa Mandel
  • Literary Manager: Anne Nottage
  • Projection Designer: Klyph Stantford
  • Scenic Designer: Michael Stepowany


  • Gary Baker
  • Hannah Cassidy Kurkhauser
  • Tom Byrne
  • Joseph Carlson
  • Brandon Mitchell
  • Cameron McNary
  • Elle Nicoll
  • Stephen lorne Williams
  • Stas Wronka

Disclaimer: Capital Fringe provided one complimentary media ticket to ShowBizRadio for this review.

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