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Romeo & Juliet: Choose Your Own Adventure

By • Jul 13th, 2010 • Category: Fringe, Reviews
Romeo & Juliet: Choose Your Own Adventure
The Impressionable Players
The Clinic
Through July 24th
75 minutes
Reviewed July 10, 2010

The Official Description: Should Romeo pursue Juliet or Rosaline? Will the lovers live happily ever after? It’s up to you to decide. The audience’s vote determines how the play unfolds each night! Come bask in the combination of Shakespeare, democracy, and pure hilarity!

What You’ll Like: Laugh Out Loud Silliness. You do not need to be intimately familiar with the story of Romeo & Juliet. As long as you know about the balcony, and that the star-crossed lovers Romeo & Juliet die in the original tale, you’ll be all set. At three key points in the show, Romeo will ask the audience what decision he should make. This gives eight different endings (2 tragedies, and 6 comedies) to the play, so the show you see may be different from the show I saw.

Overly bright costumes, quick scene changes, a commitment to being silly while doing Shakespeare, fake mustaches, and excellent acting all combined to a very well done show. The actors broke the 4th wall regularly, but it wasn’t overdone. Rob Mueller as Benvolio had many of the best lines and scenes for the show. James Waters as Romeo, and Kyra Corradin as Juliet and Branda Lock as Rosaline, Romeo’s love interests (depending on how the audience votes), never faltered as the twisty love triangles revealed themselves.

What You Won’t: The venue was cramped, arrive early to sit near the front, both for the fans, and so you can see all of the action. Characters frequently sat on the floor or on benches that weren’t visible to audience members sitting more than two or three rows away from the stage.

Overall: A hilarious show, with a good blend of campiness and overacting combined with the gimmick of an audience vote to create a very funny production. None of the actors took themselves too seriously. I can see this show being in the running for Best Comedy of the Fringe.


  • Mercutio, Nurse: Jayme Bell
  • Juliet: Kyra Corradin
  • Benvolio (u/s), Rosaline (u/s): Tracy Haupt
  • Juliet (u/s), Tybalt (u/s): Katie Jeffries
  • Rosaline, Friar: Branda Lock
  • Benvolio, Lord Capulet: Rob Mueller
  • Tybalt, Paris, Prince, Lord Montague: Matt Sparacino
  • Romeo: James Waters

Production Team

  • Co-Writer, Illustrious Dead Guy: William Shakespeare
  • Director, Co-Writer: Ann Fraistat
  • Co-Writer: Shawn Fraistat
  • Production Manager/Stage Manager: Melanie Shur
  • Web/Graphic Design: Erica Mays
  • Costume Designer: Chelsea Kerl
  • Assistant Director, Photographer: Chelsie Lloyd
  • Fight Choreographer: Lex Davis
  • Set/Props Designer: Mandy Yu
  • Assistant Stage Manager: Kate Richard

Disclaimer: Capital Fringe provided a complimentary media ticket to ShowBizRadio for this review.

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