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Unstrung Harpist Genesis

By • Jul 13th, 2010 • Category: Fringe, Reviews
Unstrung Harpist
Through July 18th
90 minutes
Reviewed July 11, 2010

The Official Description: Is he human or angel? Convict or saint? Insane or divine? Genesis explores the inner workings of a beautifully dangerous mind and asks: Who is the voice of reason among the insane? Who speaks for God in a godless age?

What You’ll Like: This show featured excellent acting, especially the intensity of Genesis (Derek Jones), the confusion and doubts of Jacqueline Cross (Julie Roundtree), and manic unrest of Shep Donovan (Andrew Wassenich). This is one of the few times I’ve seen a show use overhead projections (both stills and film) effectively without being distracting. Carl Randolph’s makeup effects were unsettling as well as a surprise. Director John C. Bailey kept the pace moving swiftly.

What You Won’t: You’ll need a bit of time to think this play through afterwards. Some of the scenes of the Chaplain (John C. Bailey) played a bit too much to the sterotypical view of persons of faith.

Overall: Extremely well acted; all of the pieces are here for an excellent production.


  • Genesis: Derek Jones
  • Jacqueline Cross: Julie Roundtree
  • Shep Donovan: Andrew Wassenich
  • Chaplain: David Paglin / John C. Bailey
  • Max Wright: Bruce Alan Rauscher
  • Revelaton: Andrew Wassenich
  • Lucifer: Bruce Alan Rauscher
  • Mary: Julie Roundtree
  • Orderly/Run Crew: Matt McCord


  • Director: John C. Bailey
  • Playwright: Evan Crump
  • Producer: Bryna Shindell
  • Assistant Director: Pamela Nash
  • Stage Manager: Will Voorhies
  • Set & Lighting Design: Bob Gandy
  • Costume Design: Jennifer Tardiff
  • FX Makeup Artist: Carl Randolph, Morphiage
  • Cinematographer, Projections Editor: Bill Coughlin, Tohubohu Productions
  • Sound Mixer/Editor: John C. Bailey
  • Sound Editor: Brian Wilbur Grundstrom
  • Production Stills: Christopher Andersen
  • Production Stills Makeup: Pamela Nash
  • Web Design: Bob Gandy
  • Graphic Designer: Micah Evans

Disclaimer: Capital Fringe provided a complimentary media ticket to ShowBizRadio for this review.

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