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McLean Drama Company Florida Days

By • Jul 13th, 2010 • Category: Fringe, Reviews
Florida Days
McLean Drama Company
The Apothecary
Through July 22nd
75 minutes
Reviewed July 11, 2010

The Official Description: “Florida Days” follows a dysfunctional family’s journey from the North to the South, as they try to escape their small town roots. This drama is set in the ’30’s and ’40’s when Central Florida was still the Old South.

What You’ll Like: A few emotional scenes are very well performed, although the motives behind the characters’ actions are never explained.

What You Won’t: It was very difficult to hear much of the dialogue, partially because the actors were facing each other directly, and partially because of the fans trying to cool the room down. It felt like huge pieces of the show were missing. Everytime I thought I could see what the conflict was going to be, the play veered away from showing any conflict. “You keep talking about my mother!” “Let’s get married after one date!” “I want to work outside the home!” but none of these areas was ever dealt with.

It seemed that this play actually followed one member of a Southern family as she went North, not the entire family as it went South from the North.

Overall: The situations had lots of potential, but they never went anywhere.


  • Betty: Elise Edwards
  • Vincent: Thomas Lin
  • June, Concertmaster: Caitlin McCormick
  • Billy, Mario: Trey Ervine
  • Fatehr Dale, Vernon Walker, Male Diner: Jonathan Marget
  • Mother Dale: AliceAnna Schumacher
  • Melinda, Dr. Fitzgerald: Kelly L. Jones
  • Tosca, Female Guest: Karen Masih
  • Alicia, Waitress, Female Child’s Voice: Ruby Branscomb

Production Staff

  • Producer, Playwright: Rachael Bail
  • Lighting Tech and Board Operator: Jerrett Harrington
  • Director nad Production Designer: Stephanie Kelly
  • Sound Board Tech: Jonathan L. Sadler

Disclaimer: Capital Fringe provided a complimentary media ticket to ShowBizRadio for this review.

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