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Chevy Chase Players Wait Until Dark

By • Mar 19th, 2007 • Category: Reviews, Stand Out!

Listen to our review of the Chevy Chase Players’ production of Wait Until Dark [MP3 5:19 1.5MB].

Laura: Saturday evening we saw Chevy Chase Players and their production of Wait Until Dark in Washington DC.

Mike: Wait Until Dark is a thriller by Frederick Knott. It takes place in a New York City apartment where a blind woman, Susy, is living. Her husband has been called out of the area to do a photography gig. The bad guys are stalking her apartment trying to find a doll that is filled with heroin. We get introduced early on to the bad guys early on. They are the very first characters we see. So we know what they’re up to. There’s no suspense in what they’re trying to do. The catch is Susy is blind. They are going to manipulate her into telling them where the doll is. Over the course of the show they do a masterful job of trying to twist her around into believing things that are true that aren’t. Susy then figures it out and she has to fight back. It was a superb show.

Laura: This was a standout show. I was on the edge of my seat through most of it. It was just so intense. The acting was incredible. The set was great. Everything was just so well done, I was really really impressed and I just loved this show. This is one I could see again.

Mike: I agree, this was a great show. The performers did wonderful. The set was perfect. The special effects were great, they fit in perfectly with everything. I could definitely see this how again. I wish we had time next weekend to go see it. So take some time Friday or Saturday night and go on up to the Chevy Chase Players in northwest DC and check out Wait Until Dark.

Laura: Susy Hendrix, the blind woman, was played by Ellen Cribb. She did an incredible job. I was so impressed with her. She did such a great job; she looked blind. She didn’t really focus on anything. You saw the emotion in her. You saw her grow. At first being scared because she smelled something burning so she called the non-emergency number and then realized it was just an ash tray that was burning. You could see the fear and the trepidation she had. Once she clicked on what the bad guys were doing, you saw the resolve in her that she was going to fight as long as she could to keep them from getting that doll. It was incredible.

Mike: One of the bad guys, Mike Talman, was played by Matt Baughman. He did a great job. He was very believable as a long lost friend of Susy’s husband. He stayed focused. He had this menacing air about him that he was able to turn on and off. It was wonderful watching him stalk Susy and then comfort her and be a friend to her. I loved their performance.

Laura: And Harry Roat, kind of the main bad guy, was played by Lou Zammichieli. He also did a great job. He had some costume changes that he had to do, that he did fairly quickly he did to become the next person. He really did a masterful job.

Mike: I think all the actors did a great job. Sgt. Carlino was played by Jay Chiang. Susy’s husband Sam Hendrix was played by Greg Lipper. And Gloria, the nine year old upstairs neighbor, was played by Samantha Robertson. I think they all added to the show. Gloria’s sense of adventure added to the show and her willingness to do what was asked of her fit in really well with the show.

Laura: The set for Wait Until Dark was nice. The Set Designer was Neil Edgell. It looked like a typical Greenwich Village apartment. You had a sofa, and stairs that went up the outside of the apartment. Then you had a doorway that led to the bedroom and the rest of the apartment. It was really well done, a good use of space.

Mike: The Lighting Designer was Jim Robertson. It was very effective, spooky and built a sense of tension with lots of details in the lighting. I don’t want to give anything away, but it was perfect. One thing about the whole design, since this was a New York City apartment you had a window in the back of the apartment that the bad guys and Gloria would look through at different points in the show. You could see a tree and the hint of the other building next to it. Something I missed at first, but one of the characters brought it to my attention, was it actually got darker as time was passing throughout the evening. By the end of the show it was pitch black outside. That was a perfect touch. Another really nice touch which was probably an accident was the traffic on Connecticut Avenue added to the ambiance of the show. You actually had cars driving. At one point a police siren went by and was totally coincidental, but it worked really well for the scene.

Laura: Wait Until Dark is playing through March 24th, Friday at 8 and Saturday at 7:30. We recommend you go see this show. This was an outstanding show.

Mike: Be aware that this show does have adult situations involving drug usage and violence.

Laura: And now, on with the show.


  • Mike Talman: Matt Baughman
  • Sgt. Carlino: Jay Chiang
  • Harry Roat: Lou Zammichieli
  • Susy Hendrix: Ellen Cribbs
  • Sam Hendrix: Greg Lipper
  • Gloria: Samantha Robertson
  • Policeman #1: Jim Gaither
  • Policeman #2: Bonita Jackson


  • Producer: Peter Chewning
  • Director: David Dieudonne
  • Assistant Director: Peter Chewning
  • Fight Coordinator: David Dieudonne
  • Fight Captian: Ellen Cribbs
  • Weapons: Brian Dettling
  • Set Designer: Neil Edgell
  • Lighting Designer: Jim Robertson
  • Set Construction Chief: John Vandegriff
  • Set Construction Crew: Jim Robertson, Neil Edgell, Peter Chewning
  • Stage Manager: Peter Chewning
  • Backstage crew: Bonita Jackson, Jim Gaither
  • Sound Design: David Dieudonne, Peter Chewning
  • Sound Operations: Peter Chewning
  • Light Operations: Jim Robertson, Dave Robertson, Kim Randolph
  • Program: Neil Edgell
  • Photography/Website Manager: Neil Edgell
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