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Providence Players Saturday, Sunday, Monday

By • Oct 13th, 2007 • Category: Reviews, Stand Out!

Listen to our review of Providence Players’ production of Saturday, Sunday, Monday [MP3 6:10 2.8MB].

Laura: This is the review of Providence Players‘ production of Saturday, Sunday, Monday in Falls Church, Virginia. Mike and I saw the opening night performance, Friday, October 12th, 2007.

Mike: Right off we want to say we are members of Providence Players.

Laura: And they are advertising the show on our website.

Mike: But those two things do not affect our review of this show. This was a really good show!

Laura: This was a stand out show. It was incredible. The acting was great. The timing was perfect. The set was impressive and it was just a really enjoyable time.

Mike: Saturday, Sunday, Monday is a play by Eduardo De Filippo. The show follows an Italian family who is dealing with their weekend meal together. It starts out on Saturday afternoon with the family coming together and sharing what they are planning to do on Sunday. There is a lover’s quarrel. You have the loving Italian mother. You have the maid who has some family issues going on. There is some kind of problem going on with the upstairs neighbor. On Sunday afternoon you have the meal and things start coming out. And then on Monday morning everyone has to deal with the aftermath of the meal.

Laura: Peppino who was the head of the family was played by John Coscia. He did a great job. His emotions were very real. He had no idea what was going on. Once things kind of blew up in the second scene. He was very angry and very hurt. The scenes between him and his wife were very real.

Mike: At the beginning of the show he was very sympathetic. There was something going on. He was bored with work. You accepted that. then as the show went on Coscia brought some nuance to the part and you realized that there was something else happening. I liked how that developed slowly.

Laura: Peppino’s wife Rosa, was played by Barbara Gertzog. She was hysterical. I really liked how she and Coscia worked together. they were very comfortble. Their scenes were very natural. It was tugging at my heart strings. I was really impressed.

Mike: The opening scene took place in the kitchen of the household where Virginia the maid, played by Sara Bickler, were preparing the ragu for Sunday afternoon dinner. That scene had a lot of funny bits in it as well as pathos with family events happening and news coming out from both the maid and from Rosa. They were actually cooking on stage the meal that they would be eating in the next scene. You walk into the theater and you can smell this wonderful Italian pasta cooking. That was a wonderful detail and brought back some good memories.

Laura: And Rosa’s father Antonio was played by David Schwartz. I actually didn’t recognize him the first time he appeared. They did a really good job on his make up and hair. The costumes and make up were done by Beth Harrison and Robbie Snow. He was shuffling along, not quite sure what was going on and didn’t seem to care. He just wanted his stuff and wanted to go back up to his room. He ws simply really funny.

Mike: He had a really funny bit that happened in the background. There were things going on around him without him really being aware. Watch for David to come out. I don’t want to give anything away. But watch for him to come out and do what he used to do for a living. It was an ongoing gag that wasn’t overplayed. It was very nicely done.

Laura: The set for Saturday Sunday monday was fantastic. Set designers were the director (Chip Gertzog) and John Coscia. It was so detailed. It was a real working kitchen. That was incredible. They had real running water. There was stuff on the stove. It was just amazing.

Mike: The dining room area of the set formed about two thirds of the stage. It had two very cleverly hidden entrances at the back of the stage. In this way people could leave the apartment (or the flat) or go to other sections of the flat. There was also a very clever entrance in the kitchen area that led to a back stairs area I would assume. The lighting was also very nicely designed. It was very subtly placed, at different points throughout the structure there weren’t a lot of harsh lights filling the area. All of the lights were very subtle. There weren’t harsh shadows thrown. I like how the lighting enhanced the show. The lighting was designed by Chip Gertzog.

Laura: This is kind of a feel good piece, with some really funny bits, but also a lot to think about. I highly recommend you go see this show.

Mike: Saturday, Sunday, Monday has not been performed in the DC area for as far back as we can find. We suggest you go see this show while you can. It is translated from Italian. The character’s accents were pretty good. Some of the names would trip me up I think. I think they did a good job with keeping all the names straight.

Laura: The show is about two and a half hours long with one fifteen minute intermission. It is playing through Saturday, October 27th. Friday and Saturday at 7:30 and Sunday matinees at 2 PM at the James Lee Community Center in Falls Church, Virginia.

Mike: We’d love to hear your thoughts about this show. You can do that here at We’d also like to invite you to join our free mailing list so you can stay informed with what’s happening in theater in the DC area.

Laura: And now, on with the show.


  • Peppino-Rosa’s husband: John Coscia
  • Rosa-Peppino’s wife: Barbara Gertzog
  • Antonio-Rosa’s father: David Schwartz
  • Aunt Meme-Peppino’s sister: Tina Thronson
  • Raffaele-Peppino’s brother: Mike Gerwin
  • Guilianella-Rosa and Peppino’s daughter: Rachel Lee
  • Rocco- -Rosa and Peppino’s younger son: James T. Martin
  • Roberto- Rosa and Peppino’s eldest son: Nello DeBlasio
  • Maria Carolina-Roberto’s wife: Mary Francis Dini
  • Attilio-Meme’s teenage son: Carl Schwartz
  • Luigi Lanniello-The accountant neighbor: Larry Craven
  • Elena Lanniello-Luigi’s wife: Susan Kaplan
  • Federico-Giulianella’s fiancĂ©: Michael Sandoval
  • Virginia-Rosa and Peppino’s maid: Sara Bickler
  • Michele-Virginia’s brother: Bruce Ward
  • Catiello-Antonio’s tailor: Michael Herl


  • Director: Chip Gertzog
  • Co-Producers: Barbara and Chip Gertzog
  • Lighting and sound Design: Chip Gertzog
  • Lighting and Sound Director: Gail Seavey
  • Tech Support: Mark Ames,Mike Mattheisen
  • Stage Manager: Janet Shadle
  • Stage Manager Assistants: Jillen Jobe, Nikki Shadle
  • Set Design: Chip Gertzog and John Coscia
  • Set Construction: John Coscia, Patrick David
  • Set Construction Crew: John Coscia, Chip Gertzog, Mike Gerwin, Mary Frances Dini, Karla Leavelle, Matt Ames, Dave Schwartz, Carl Schwartz, Nick Harrison, Mike Mattheisen, Patrick David, Al Thompson, Bruce Ward, Michael Sandoval, Beth Harrison, Larry Craven, Jillen Jobe, Tina Thronson, Scott Devine, James Martin, Kevin Harnisch, Chris Deering, Rachel Lee, Tim Brown, David Whitehead, Janet Shadle, Nello DeBlaisio, Cindy Paska, Richie Reynolds, Jr. Sara Bickler
  • Set Decoration & Dressing: John Coscia, Chip Gertzog
  • Prop Master: Jillen Jobe
  • Properties: Jillen Jobe, Chip Gertzog, Susan Kaplan, John Coscia
  • Set painting: Craig Geoffrion, Faux design by Julie Hendrickson
  • Costume Design: Robbie Snow & Beth Harrison
  • Costumes, Hair & Make-up: Beth Harrison & Robbie Snow
  • Costumes & Make-up Crew: Nancy Thompson, Mary Goss
  • Dramaturge: Nello DeBlaisio
  • House Management: Ann & Matt Ames
  • Publicity: Gail Seavey, Chip & Barbar Gertzog
  • Playbill: Cindy Paska
  • Playbill Advertising: John Coscia, David Whitehead
  • Photographer: Chip Gertzog
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  1. I went to see Saturday, Sunday, Monday on October 14th…I was totally amazed at that magnificent set…it was one of the best uses of space that i have ever seen and i have seen a few. Along with being beautiful…the design was ingeneous, even without all the working appliances! But boy what a strike that is going to be!!! I also thought the performance of Bruce Ward (the maids brother) was excellent…his performance is what’s meant by there are no small parts, only small actors…it was a small part indeed, but he made it very large and helped to energize the momentum of the play. I enjoyed the play overall, but I did think it was a bit slow in the beginning.