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Backstage with Lexi Haddad, aka Lucy Van Pelt

By • Feb 16th, 2007 • Category: Interviews, You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown

We continue our shadowing of the Springfield Community Theatre’s production of You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown by chatting with Lexi Haddad, who plays Lucy Van Pelt [MP3 7:08 2MB]. Or read the transcript of the chat.

Mike: Hi this is Mike with ShowBizRadio. I’m backstage with Lexi Haddad with the Springfield Community Theatre’s production of You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown. How are you doing Lexi?

Lexi: I’m good. How are you doing, Mike?

Mike: Good. Thanks for talking with me.

Lexi: Good. I’m happy to be here.

Mike: You’re playing the role of Lucy Van Pelt in Charlie Brown.

Lexi: I sure am. I love playing this role.

Mike: Oh yeah?

Lexi: She’s just such a fun role to play. She’s a five year old brat. What more could you want?

Mike: Do you have any younger brothers or sisters you boss around?

Lexi: No I don’t.

Mike: No?

Lexi: But I have plenty of practice.

Mike: Watching you up there. You’ve really gotten into the role. Every time you do your laugh, I just love the laugh.

Lexi: Well thanks.

Mike: Can you do the laugh?

Lexi: Lexi laughs.

Mike: That’s the one. Charlie Brown, when you tease him or pull the football, that type of thing. It really works quite well.

Lexi: I love doing that laugh. It sounds evil. That’s the fun part.

Mike: So how long have you been acting?

Lexi: I’ve been acting since I was about six. I started when I was three or four. I started memorizing, really strangely, I started memorizing entire music scores. Like The Wizard of Oz and Les Miserables. I was watching the film such as Cats and Riverdance over and over and over and over again. Pretty soon I just became obsessed. My mom enrolled me in a musical theatre workshop at a performing arts studio. For several years I took various types of dance and music and theatre workshops. I also studied with Classika Theatre for several years.

Mike: It’s probably important to note that, how old are you right now?

Lexi: I’m 12 years old.

Mike: So you’ve got six years of experience already. What’s your favorite part you’ve done so far?

Lexi: Other than Lucy, my favorite role is when I played JoJo in Suessical the Musical, with St. Mark’s Players about two years ago. That was an amazing show. I loved that role. It was just a very imaginative role. I played a boy, but that was ok. I really liked playing JoJo, though because his mind was just really imaginative and creative.

Mike: Was that mostly other kids or was it a mixed cast of kids and adults?

Lexi: Mostly it was adults, but there were many kids in it as well.

Mike: So it was kind of like Charlie Brown where it’s a mixed cast as well.

Lexi: Pretty much.

Mike: So are you finding that hard to play a bunch of kids with all these adults around you?

Lexi: It’s not that hard. With this role I feel like I can goof off and be free. When I’ve done other shows with adults I have to be very grown up and mature. But, in this show whatever I do, be goofy or anything, it can add into my character of a five year old brat. It’s just really fun being yourself.

Mike: What is it like having a little brother, Linus?

Lexi: Linus. Steven has been very fun to work with. He has made the character come so alive. It’s just hilarious and very fun. In the scene that I punch him and the scenes where I’m curling my fists at him. That’s just fun seeing his face. I’m trying so hard not to laugh. It’s just great working with him. Linus is the scared little brother who drags his blanket around. He’s a little baby. It’s really funny.

Mike: So what are your long term plans? Do you want to do theatre and performing forever? Or is it a hobby do you think or is it too early to tell?

Lexi: I really want to do theater when I go to college. This is what I want to pursue. I think this is what I want to do for the rest of my life. I’ve performed at the Kennedy Center and I hope to maybe star in a lead role there one day. Or even on Broadway. I really think this is what I’m going to do for the rest of my life.

Mike: Wow, very good. What did you do at the Kennedy Center?

Lexi: I started out when I was about seven in the children’s chorus for the Nutcracker. That was with the Washington Ballet. Then I moved on to the Washington Opera and the Queen of Spades. I was a Little Russian Girl. And several other operas with them. Then the Nutcracker again. Then I did Cat on a Hot Tin Roof. That was really fun. I got to work with Mary Stuart Masterson, Dana Ivy, and George Grizzard. That was an equity production. It took a lot of work, 12 and 13 hour days, but it really paid off. It was a lot of fun. There were several other kids with me that played my brothers and sisters. That was lots of fun.

And then following that, I performed in The Changeling which was sort of like a fund raiser type thing for advertising children with Autism. There were two performances for that. One for kids who had special abilities and special needs. The other was for the actual company that was funding the performance and the awards. That was a really interesting experience. I learned a lot about Autism on that production. We actually had to know the background of what was going on. That was very interesting and educational.

Mike: Is there anything else you’d like to share?

Lexi: There’s one thing I do want to say. Everyone come see Charlie Brown. It is a great show. I would love to see every single person that listens to this even though I don’t know you. I fully know that you will appreciate this show. The cast is great. The music is great. The voices are amazing. It’s just a hilarious show and I highly recommend you come and see it and bring your family.

Mike: Very good. Thanks very much.

Lexi: No problem. Thank you very much, Mike.

Mike: You’re welcome, Lexi.

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