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Montgomery Playhouse Driving Miss Daisy

By • Oct 10th, 2011 • Category: Reviews
Driving Miss Daisy
Montgomery Playhouse
Gaithersburg Arts Barn, Gaithersburg, MD
Through October 23rd
$15/$13 Gaithersburg Resident
Reviewed October 14th, 2011

If you missed Jessica Tandy in Driving Miss Daisy, you might want to visit The Gaithersburg Arts Barn to see Jane Squier Bruns in the lead role. She is phenomenal in the Montgomery Playhouse production of this beloved play. David Jones, as Boolie, her son, gives a masterful performance as does MPH newcomer Arthur Greene. His interpretation of the chauffeur, Hoke Coleburn, leaves nothing to the imagination. He is subservient, respectful and ultimately, firm in his handling of this wonderful role.

Lotetto McNally shows how deeply she understands the nuances of this work in her masterful direction. The back stage crew – under Stage Manager Jeremy Hollis – does a wonderful job of moving the action along with video back-drop, perfectly timed sound and light cues, and seemingly effortless scene changes. The set is minimal – as befits the theatre – and the costuming, by McKenna Kelly, is carefully suited to the changing times.

Director’s Note

Welcome to a story about the transformative power of friendship. I have recently been reminded that even when we lose touch with our friends because of time, distance, or the demands of a busy life, making a reconnection is a wonderful gift.

Daisy at first tells us that she doesn’t need or want to have Hoke in her house or her life. But their friendship develops over time. It flourishes despite their differences. They develop a somewhat grudging respect for each other’s talents and abilities. Their journey started by Boolie’s concern for Daisy’s welfare, matures into a deeply felt admiration.

We are delighted to have you take the journey with them.


  • Daisy Werthan: Jane Squier Bruns
  • Boolie Werthan: David Jones
  • Hoke Coleburn: Arthur F. Greene

Production Team

  • Producer: David Jones
  • Director: Lotetto McNally
  • Assistant Director: Jeremy Hollis
  • Stage Manager: Jeremy Hollis
  • Set Design: David Jones
  • Light Design: John Hutson
  • Video Projection: Steve Deming
  • Sound Design: Patrick Hughes
  • Set Construction: David Jones
  • Set Painting: David Jones
  • Set Dressing: Loretto McNally, David Jones, Jeremy Hollis, David Dossey
  • Costume Designer/Costumes: McKenna Kelly
  • Lighting Execution: David Dossey
  • Sound Execution: Jeremy Hollis:
  • Properties: Loretto McNally, David Jones, Jeremy Hollis, David Dossey
  • Stage Crew: Don Bruns, Lisa Spangler
  • photography: David Jones
  • Load-in Crew: Steve Deming, John Hutson, David Jones, Loretto McNally, Hunter Shelley

Disclaimer: The reviewer paid for her own tickets to this production.

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