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Prince George's Little Theatre

Prince George's Little Theatre began its existence in the fall of 1960 when a group of residents of Carrollton (now known as New Carrollton) formed the “Carrollton Players.” Despite the name, the group intended from the start to involve anyone from the entire northern Prince George's County area who was interested in the theater arts. To reflect the broader membership area, the Players changed the name to Prince George's Little Theatre in the fall of 1962. In 1974, the group was incorporated. The highly competitive but still non-professional, non-profit organization maintains a full schedule today as PGLT, Inc.

Since October 2006, PGLT presents all of their productions at the Bowie Playhouse. PGLT had performed at the Prince George's Public Playhouse since 1977. Prior to that time, PGLT performed in schools, churches, and halls in the New Carrollton area and other nearby locations. The group produces four shows each year with a mix of comedies, dramas, and occasional musicals. Members do everything from acting to stage managing to directing to publicity—a complete theater experience. Membership has always been open to anyone with an interest in the theater arts. PGLT is always looking for volunteers to come and join in the fun of community theatre!

The Bowie Playhouse is a first rate facility with a seating capacity of 150. It is owned and operated by the City of Bowie and has been in operation since 1975. The facility is open year-round with plenty of free parking and is home to three community theater groups: Prince George's Little Theatre, Inc., 2nd Star Productions and Bowie Community Theatre.

Website: Prince George's Little Theatre, Bowie, MD

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