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Port City Playhouse

Port City Playhouse was organized in 1977 with the intention of being an innovative theater group. Our seasons are geared to the type of productions that challenge and stimulate audiences. We present plays that illustrate the cultural diversity of our society and attempt to convey a strong message to the play-going public. Furthermore, we select plays that, because of their subject matter, may bring people to the theater who may never have attended a live performance before. Our goal is to present a season of challenging plays which meets the needs of a diverse audience. We select plays that are either premieres, or have not been produced in the area in five years. Port City Playhouse’s mission is to produce theater: a living art form of cultural concern intended to be witnessed. Of the many varieties of theater, Port City Playhouse concentrates on producing theater which has thematic urgency. Whether contemporary or universal, we strive to select plays which rarely or never have been performed in our community, or plays of such historical importance they should be performed. We embrace the philosophy of stimulating and provoking thought among our audience. We believe in the uniqueness of the theatrical experience, and therefore, attempt theatrical productions which provoke thought and conversation.

Website: Port City Playhouse, Alexandria, Virginia

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