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CAST in McLean

The Community Alliance Supporting Theatre (C.A.S.T.) in McLean was incorporated in 1992 as a theatrical company dedicated to producing quality theater productions in the Northern Virginia area. In addition to our goal of entertaining the public, C.A.S.T. is an organization with a mission of encouraging active participation in and creating opportunities for the expression of all things associated with musical theatre arts, as well as providing related training and education. Past training opportunities have included an Auditioning for Musical Theatre Workshop, Beginning Actors Workshop, and Singing Actors Workshop. These were a series of workshops designed to train individuals in various aspects of the art of musical theatre. Additionally, C.A.S.T. participates in other community-sponsored events such as McLean Day and the Arts Council of Fairfax's telethon A Call to the Arts.

In Fall 2006, CAST in McLean merged with the Great Falls Players to form the McLean Community Players.

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