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Dominion High School Go Ask Alice

By • Dec 17th, 2013 • Category: Cappies

Go Ask Alice is a play reminiscent of the 1960s and 70s. Such was the case in Dominion High School’s production of this show, one dealing with adolescent struggles and drug abuse.

Based on the popular novel published in 1971 the play Go Ask Alice, written by Frank Shiraz, details the tragic story of a teenage girl, Alice, who gets mixed up in the drug scene and must face the dire consequences of it for the rest of her life. Not an easy show for any group to undertake, Dominion High School’s cast of Go Ask Alice tackled the show with commitment and earnestness.

Ashlyn Rock (Alice) played the lead convincingly, effectively transitioning from an unsure, impressionable teenager, to a girl completely under the influence of drugs, to a more regretful, older teenage Alice. An especially notable scene was her last, accidental LSD high, where she believes she is covered in worms. Ashlyn Rock’s dedication and energy in this scene made it quite believable.

A standout was Annie Begley, who played her two roles, Alice’s Mother and the drug-using Jan, admirably. She was able to make these two unique characters distinct with her different physicality and nuances for each. As Jan, she showed complete commitment to a cunning drug abuser, and as Alice’s Mother, she managed to convincingly play the character’s age and attitude with poise. Her expression of grief at the end of the show was especially well done through her disbelief and shrill voice.

Other featured actors were Stephanie Whitehouse (Chris) and Kathryn Allen (Jill). Stephanie Whitehouse’s portrayal of Alice’s best friend Chris was genuine and nuanced, showing a believable friendship between the two. Kathryn Allen’s rendering of the nasty and manipulative Jill was also quite authentic, and her commitment to her full character was strong throughout.

The show’s well-decorated set of Alice’s room effectively added to the production. Lighting changes from a simple blue cyclorama to the rainbow psychedelic background while the characters were high was a good touch as well. Though some blackouts in between scenes were a little lengthy, the music that played during them was an enjoyable feature of the production. There was one unfortunate blackout in the middle of a scene; however, the cast did an impressive job of seamlessly picking up where they left off.

Dominion High School’s production of Go Ask Alice had some moving moments, such as scenes showing the sisterly bond between Alice and her younger siblings, Alexandria (Emily Lambert) and Tiffany (Samantha Farmer). Though some moments of tension fell a little flat, the cast showed commitment to its characters and the show, and kept up energy throughout.

In Dominion High School’s production of Go Ask Alice, the cast undertook a challenging show with poise and vigor. Tackling such sensitive subject matter is no easy task, and Dominion High School did a commendable job with their production of Go Ask Alice.

by Rebecca Frank of TC Williams

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Ashlyn Rock as Alice and Geoffrey MacRae as Mr. Aberdeen Geoffrey MacRae, Emily Lambert, Ashlyn Rock, Annie Begley, Samantha Farmer
Ashlyn Rock as Alice and Geoffrey MacRae as Mr. Aberdeen
Geoffrey MacRae, Emily Lambert, Ashlyn Rock, Annie Begley, Samantha Farmer
Ashlyn Rock and Annie Begley
Ashlyn Rock and Annie Begley

Photos by Mrs. Amy Young

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