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Warner Theatre – Monty Python’s Spamalot

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National Tour of Monty Python’s Spamalot
Warner Theatre, Washington DC
Through March 18th
2:15 with intermission
Reviewed March 13th, 2012

Tiistai-illan suorituskykyä Spamalot on Warner teatteri oli hilpeä. Vaikka et familar kanssa 1975 elokuvan “Monty Python ja Graalin malja”, sinun pitäisi löytää Spamalot nautittavaa.

Alright! Enough with the Finnish already! Time for a review that everyone can read!!

Spamalot is a musical with Book and Lyrics by Eric Idle and music by John du Prez and Eric Idle. The musical is a loving takeoff of the 1975 movie “Monty Python and the Holy Grail,” and won the 2005 Tony Award® for Best Musical. King Arthur travels around Britain finding knights to join him in his court at Camelot, and eventually on their quest to find the Holy Grail. Through song, high-stepping choreography, colorful costumes, and even audience participation, the performers had the audience rolling.

Arthur Rowan as King Arthur performed solidly with a command of the stage. He was able to show through his emotions that he was the true leader of the knights even when they confused him. King Arthur’s loyal servant Patsy (and Guard 2) was played by Michael J. Berry. He was a true friend towards king Arthur and his affection for his master was real, despite the fact that King Arthur never figured it out and spent the show being depressed and feeling sorry for himself. That is until the arrival of the Lady of the Lake, performed magnificently by Brittany Woodrow. With powerful vocals, and enough overacting (but in a good way) to lift your spirits. She came out and really sold her part.

All of the knights seemed to have fun in their roles. Sir Lancelot (Adam Grabau), Sir Robin (Kasidy Devlin), and Sir Belvedere (Marcus DeMarcus) all took their characters seriously in a non-serious way. All had strong voices that could be heard over the live orchestra which also gave a stellar performance. Costume Designer Tim Hatley used bright colors mainly for the women’s costumes. Brittany Woodrow’s final outfit was pretty as she expertly went from blue to white for her final number with King Arthur. All of the scene changes went smoothly. We were sitting in a section kind of stage left so we occasionally caught a glimpse of hands or a body waiting to go on, but not enough to destroy the mood of the hilarity of Spamalot.

Probably the only downer was the cramped feeling on the stage. Since the Warner Theatre was built in 1924, before huge sets and large casts, at times the playing area appeared quite cramped and full. When you have 22 performers on stage at one time, choreography can get interesting. Togetherness takes on a whole new meaning! Everyone made the best of it however with the result being a great show, not necessarily appropriate for younger audiences, but still well done and fun. And you do not need to have seen “Monty Python and the Holy Grail” to have a good time.

Photo Gallery

Kasidy Devlin (Sir Robin), Adam Grabau (Sir Lancelot), Jacob L. Smith (Sir Dennis Galahad), Thomas DeMarcus (Sir Bedevere), Arthur Rowan (King Arthur), and Michael J. Berry (Patsy) The Cast of Monty Python's Spamalot
Kasidy Devlin (Sir Robin), Adam Grabau (Sir Lancelot), Jacob L. Smith (Sir Dennis Galahad), Thomas DeMarcus (Sir Bedevere), Arthur Rowan (King Arthur), and Michael J. Berry (Patsy)
The Cast of Monty Python’s Spamalot
 Arthur Rowan (King Arthur - sitting) and Michael J. Berry (Patsy) The Frenchmen:  Ryan Cowles, Joe Beuerlein, Adam Grabau, Jason Elliott Brown
Arthur Rowan (King Arthur – sitting) and Michael J. Berry (Patsy)
The Frenchmen: Ryan Cowles, Joe Beuerlein, Adam Grabau, Jason Elliott Brown
Arthur Rowan (King Arthur) and Brittany Woodrow (The Lady of the Lake)
Arthur Rowan (King Arthur) and Brittany Woodrow (The Lady of the Lake)

Photos by Scott Suchman


  • Historian, French Guard, Minstrel, Brother Maynard: Joe Beuerlein
  • Mayor, Dennis’ Mother, Sir Belvedere, Concorde: Thomas DeMarcus
  • Patsy, Guard 2: Michael J. Berry
  • King Arthur: Arthur Rowan
  • Sir Robin, Guard 1: Kasidy Devlin
  • Sir Lancelot, The French Taunter, Kinh Ni, Tim the Enchanter: Adam Grabau
  • Not Dead Fred, Nun, Prince Herbert: James David Larson
  • Sir Dennis Galahad, Black knight, Prince Herbert’s Father: Jacob L. Smith
  • The Lady of the Lake: Brittany Woodrow
  • God: Eric Idle
  • Ensemble: Kimber Benedict, Jason Elliott Brown, Ryan Cowles, Carl DeForrest Hendin, Amanda Johns, Andrew Leggieri, Melissa Denise Lopez, McKayla Marso, Jesse Palmer, Tiffani Robbins, Jared Titus, Bradley Allan Zarr


  • For King Arthur: Thomas DeMarcus
  • For Lady of the Lake: Melissa Denise Lopez, McKayla Marso
  • For Sir Lancelot et. al: Joe Beuerlein
  • For Sir Robin et. al: Jared Titus
  • For Sir Deniss Galahad et. al/Sir Belvedere et. al: Bradley Allan Zarr
  • For Patsy: Carl DeForrest Hendin
  • For Historian/Minstrel/Brother Maynard: Andrew Leggieri
  • For Not Dead Fred/Prince Herbert: Jason Elliott Brown


  • Conductor/Piano: Nolan Bonvouloir
  • Associate Conductor/Keyboard II: Patrick Burns
  • Trumpet I: Tony Speranza
  • Trumpet II: Emma Stanley
  • Trombone: Alex Jeun
  • French Horn: Bonnie Shappell


  • Original Scenic and Costume Design: Tim Hatley
  • Scenic Design Modifications: James Kronzer
  • Lighting Design: Mike Baldassarai
  • Sound Design: Craig Cassidy
  • Projection Design: Elaine McCarthy
  • Casting: Mark Minnick
  • Musical Supervisor: Steven M. Bishop
  • Musical Director/Conductor: Nolan Bonvouloir
  • Tour Marketing/Press Representative: Aleman PR/Phillip Aleman
  • Director of Operations: Lisa Mattia
  • Technical Supervisor: Scott Orlesky
  • Company Manager: Jose Solivan
  • Production Stage Manager: Lara Tenenbaum
  • Choreography Recreated by: Scott Taylor
  • Choreographed by Casey Nicholaw
  • Direction Recreated by: BT McNicholl
  • Direction by: Mike Nichols
  • Assistant to the Director: Michael O’Donnell
  • Assistant to the Choreographer: Tera-Lee Pollin
  • Dance Captain: Kimber Benedict
  • Rehearsal Pianist: Sarah Brett England
  • Production Assistant: Erin Person
  • Asst. Lighting Design: Karen Spahn
  • Lighting programmer: Paul Turner
  • Production Electrician: Jeremy Wrable
  • Production Wardrobe: Joseph Geary
  • Production Wardrobe Assistant: Brandon VanStee
  • Production Wigs & Hair: David Bova
  • Dialect Coach: Ben Furey
  • Head Carpenter: Jon Wildeson
  • Asst. Carpenter: Chris Weber
  • Head Electrician: Michael Bert
  • Asst. Electrician: Jeffrey Chandler
  • Head Audio: Rhys Dawson
  • Props: Darcy Engel
  • Asst. Props: Virgil D. Myers
  • Wardrobe Supervisor: Marianne VanStee
  • Asst. Wardrobe: Catherine Lovejoy
  • Hair/Wig Supervisor: Terri D. Moore
  • Insurance: DeWitt Stern Group. Inc.
  • Legal: Brooks & Distler

Disclaimer: Spamalot provided two complimentary media tickets to ShowBizRadio for this review.

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