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Damascus Theatre Company Little Shop of Horrors

By • Jun 15th, 2011 • Category: Reviews
Little Shop of Horrors
Damascus Theatre Company
Gaithersburg Arts Barn, Gaithersburg, MD
Through June 26th
2:00 with one intermission
$18/$16 Gaithersburg Residents
Reviewed June 11th, 2011

Is Little Shop of Horrors a romantic comedy or a sci-fi thriller about giant man-eating plants? In Damascus Theatre Company’s production currently at the Gaithersburg Arts Barn, it is most definitely the former.

Little Shop of Horrors takes place on skid row, both on the street and in a small flower shop. Orphan Seymour (Gabriel Potter) discovers a strange but interesting plant which brings the flower shop much-needed publicity, preventing the shop’s closing by its owner, Mr. Mushnick (David Fialkoff). Seymour is in love with the shop assistant Audrey (Chrissy Barnett Miller). Add in a few singing neighborhood chicks, a bum, and the discovery that the odd plant thrives only on human blood, and you’ve got the Little Shop of Horrors.

Director Rachelle A. Horn apparently told the cast to have fun with this show. All of the characters featured exaggerated mannerisms, from Audrey’s walk to Mr. Mushnick’s “love” for Seymour. Carl Williams provided the voice for the Audrey II, and made the audience feel sympathy for the plant as it slowly withered. Gabriel Potter made Seymour very likeable, despite not overly emphasizing his geekiness. Chrissy Miller allowed Audrey to be vulnerable and weak, and then gaining strength as she realized that she could do something positive for Seymour. The neighborhood chicks (Carrie McCabe, Charlotte Hendrix and Kylie Smith) were focused as they became a part of the flower shop and Seymour’s lives. While their choreography wasn’t always in step with one another, they were a pleasure to watch as they stayed in character throughout. Bob Schwartz as an entire host of characters was a delight, and apparently surprised the nearly sold-out audience with each appearance as a different character.

The tiny stage at the Arts Barn was used to great effect with a set designed by Bill Brown and Rachelle A. Horn which was quickly changed from street to shop by the cast. The flower shop was fairly simple, with only a few flowers visible at a time. The flowers’ health did improve as the shop prospered. The orchestra never overpowered the singers voices. The costumes (Flo Arnold, Susie Graham, Lee Michele Rosenthal) fit the show quite well, with Skip Snip’s green velour costume showing the detail that went into defining each character.

Overall, the chestnut of Little Shop of Horrors was well served by the Damascus Theatre Company. The cartoony humor inherent in this fast-paced production was plain to see.

Photo Gallery

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Photos by Elli Swink


  • Seymour: Gabriel Potter
  • Audrey: Chrissy Barnett miller
  • Mr. Mushnik: David Fialkoff
  • Orin, Bernstein, Mrs, Luce, Patrick Martin, Skip Snip: Bob Schwartz
  • The Plant (Audrey II): Bill Brown
  • Voice of the Audrey II: Carl Williams
  • Crystal: Carrie McCabe
  • Ronnette: Charlotte Hendrix
  • Chiffon: Kylie Smith
  • Wino, Customer: Lee Michele Rosenthal
  • Wino: Megan May
  • Policeman: Keith Tittermary

Artistic and Production Team

  • Director: Rachelle A. (Shelly) Horn
  • Producers: Elli Swink & Keith Tittermary
  • Music Director: Marci Shegogue
  • Choreographer: Megan May
  • Technical Director/Lighting Design: Rick Swink
  • Sound Design: Vitol Wiacek
  • Stage Manager: Rachel Styles
  • Set Design: Bill Brown & Rachelle A. Horn
  • Master Carpenters: Jim Korte & Bill Lebair
  • Scenery Artist/Set Dressing/Props Mistress: Maria Littlefield
  • Costumes: Flo Arnold, Susie Graham, Lee Michele Rosenthal
  • Set Construction: Jim Korte, Bill Lebair, Barry Bratburd, Bruce Clark, Bill Rippey, Vitol Wiacek
  • Set Painting: Maria Littlefield & Kathy Cruz
  • Photography: Elli Swink


  • Music Director: Marci Shegogue
  • Keyboards: Marci Shegogue, Keith Tittermary
  • Flute: Lesley Cooper
  • Reeds: Charlie Condon, Chris Condon
  • Guitar: Claudio Ferriera
  • Bass: Tom Lipe
  • Percussion: Ric Okin

Disclaimer: Damascus Theatre Company provided one complimentary media ticket to ShowBizRadio for this review.

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