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2nd Star Productions Something’s Afoot

By • Nov 12th, 2010 • Category: Reviews
Something’s Afoot
2nd Star Productions
Bowie Playhouse, bowie, MD
Through December 4th
2:00 with one intermission
$20/$17 Seniors and Students
Reviewed November 7th, 2010

Something’s Afoot is a musical with book, music, and lyrics by James McDonald, David Vos and Robert Gerlach with additional music by Ed Linderman. It is a spoof in the typical Agatha Christie Sherlock Holmes who-dun-it style. This is a fun light hearted musical in which nobody really took him or herself seriously and had fun doing it. With a great set and well executed special effects this show was so much fun it did not matter who did it.

Matt Garcia played Nigel Rancour, the nephew of the deceased. His posturing to the audience was hilarious and his over grown ego was equally amusing. Garcia had the most powerful voice of the cast and could be heard over the orchestra for the majority of the time.

Hope Langdon played by Monica Anselm Garcia was a woman with secrets. Her gentle spirit was pleasant to watch. Her voice did not always carry over the orchestra however. Several of the guests provided comic relief. Colonel Gillweather played by Todd Cunningham was a stodgy old bird that always kept a stiff upper lip. He was also a bit hard to hear over the orchestra at times and sometimes did not seem too comfortable with the words either. The nosy busybody was Miss Tweed, played very convincingly by Dianne Hood. Whenever there was a stone that needed turning, she was there.

The set for Something’s Afoot was extremely detailed. Set designer Jane B. Wingard did a fabulous job of building a great set. The scenic Assistants Bill and Gil Bagaria helped add to the detail. The armour, swords, and other special touches made the set remarkable. There were many special effects used throughout that you, just like the poor folk visiting Rancour’s Retreat, won’t see coming.

Although the orchestra may have been a little overpowering at times, the audience will certainly enjoy this comical musical farce.

Director’s Note

Mystery fans who are purists—-despair!! Very few rules of detective fiction are followed in Something’s Afoot. You will not be given a fair chance to solve the mystery: you will be tricked and deceived. A love interest interferes with the plot, logical deduction will not work, nothing is scientific and/or rational, there are numerous flights of fancy, and the solution is not apparent from th beginning. Not only that, but the first victim is so hated, that there is only relief at his death.

Some of the music in the show may sound familiar, there are echoes of 30’s compositions. You may think you have the name of the song on the tip of your tongue but you will have to be a real detective to name it. So, keep your wits about you and try to sort out the clues that are all over Rancour’s Retreat. (We have provided help for you in the guise of a guest detective who will try to answer your questions at intermission, but don’t count on it.) If you go out for a little nip of cherr at intermission, it might prove helpful to your deductive powers, but do not think you will instantly turn into Sherlock Holmes. In other words, you won’t have a clue!

-Judi Wobensmith


  • Lettie: Shannon Benil
  • Colonel Gillweather: Todd Cunningham
  • Hope Langdon: Monica Anslem Garcia
  • Nigel Rancor: Matt Garcia
  • Geoffrey: Ethan Goldberg
  • Doctor Grayburn: Marty Hayes
  • Miss Tweed: Dianne Hood
  • Flint: Duncan Hood
  • Lady Grace Manley-Prowe: Lesley Miller
  • Clive: Ian Shantz
  • Chorus: Gabriel Needle
  • Chorus: Noah Wingard


  • Director: Judi Wobensmith
  • Producer/Set Design: Jane B. Wingard
  • Music Director: Joe Biddle
  • Choreographer: Jamie Erin Miller
  • Rehearsal Pianist: Jonathan Glickman
  • Stage Manager/Properties: Joanne D. Wilson
  • Assistant to the Director, understudy for Dr. Grayburn, Guest Detective: Carole Long
  • Stage Crew: Ian Shantz, Sheila Stager
  • Scenic Assistants: Bill Bagaria, Gail Bagaria
  • Set Construction: Steve Andrews, Joanne Wilson
  • Lighting/Sound Design: Garrett R. Hyde
  • Lighting/Sound Technician: Pete Dursin, Al Chopey, Walter Kleinfelter
  • Costumes: Linda Swann
  • Load In Crew: Garrett Hyde, Pete Dursin, Al ChopeyDuane Ruch, Jane Wingard, Todd Wingard, Joanne Wilson, Steve Andrews, Matt Andrews, Bill Davis, Stevie Mangum, Dick Russell, Marty Hayes, Bill Bagaria, Gail Bagaria, Ian Shantz
  • Hair Design: Doug Dawson of Solace Salon
  • Publicity: Lynne Wilson, Beth Shultz, Marty Hayes, Jane B. Wingard
  • Publicity Design: Debe Tighe
  • Webmaster: Lynne Wilson
  • Usher Coordinator: Jane B. Wingard
  • Reservations: Adele Degnan, Jane B. Wingard
  • House Manager: Gail Bagaria
  • Box Office: Patty Mangum, Jane Wingard, Gail Bagaria, Geri Verrier
  • Photography: Debe Tighe
  • Lobby Display: Debe Tighe
  • Program: Lynne Wilson

2nd Start Orchestra

  • Musical Director/Conductor: Joe Biddle
  • Piano: Jonathan Glickman
  • Woodwinds: Dave Booth
  • Woodwinds: Ted McAden
  • Woodwinds: Steve Haaser
  • Trumpet: Tim Spencer, Rick Fogarty
  • Trombone: Charles Boyer
  • Drums: Jim Hoffman
  • Midi Sequencing and Performance: Steve Hudgins

Disclaimer: 2nd Star Productions provided two complimentary media tickets to ShowBizRadio for this review.

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