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No Rules Theatre Company You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown

By • Oct 5th, 2010 • Category: Reviews
You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown by Clark Gesner
No Rules Theatre Company
H Street Playhouse, Washington, DC
Through October 17th
2:00 with one intermission
$25/$15 Children
Reviewed September 30th, 2010

Having first been introduced to the work of the No Rules Theater Company through Hedwig and the Angry Inch last summer, I already knew the quality of their work was top-notch. Hedwig being a personal favorite I was instantly a fan, but this is about Charlie Brown not Hedwig! You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown is based off of the Peanuts comic strip by Charles Schulz. We have the infamous peanuts gang Linus, Lucy, Sally, Schroeder, Snoopy and of course Charlie Brown! The show features Charlie Brown as he is confronted with the pains of adolescence, but has friends around him who do their best to encourage him. No Rules Theater Company has produced a fantastic show with an extremely talented cast of actors.

The talented cast bought the Peanuts characters to life with zest and energy. Augie Praley as Charlie Brown was wonderfully awkward for the role and succeeded in gaining sympathy from the audience throughout Charlie Brown’s constant trials and errors. Kristen Garaffo as the dainty Sally Brown was full of energy, having her chance to shine in “My New Philosophy.” Carolyn Cole was perfect for the role of Lucy van Pelt, giving a strong vocal and comedic performance, showing off her range in such songs as “Schroeder.” Lucy’s love interest Schroeder (Sean Maurice Lynch) was bright, energetic and fully committed to his piano playing. Joshua Morgan as Linus was genuinely in love with both sucking his thumb and his blanket. “Sucking your thumb without a blanket is like eating a cone without the ice cream.”┬áMorgan successfully embodied the brainy five year old. Chris French as Snoopy was such a treat. French pulled off the dynamic “Suppertime” number, and it was too funny when Snoopy caught the spirit after Charlie Brown gave him his dinner! As an ensemble, the cast provided solid vocal performances and managed to maintain high energy throughout a piece that can be physically exhausting. I also give props to the cast for stickin’ to all the one liners throughout the show. This show is full of one liners that could either be hit or miss, but the cast was able to pull it off effortlessly.

Set designer Ryan Wineinger adorned the set with actual pictures and images from the Peanuts comic strip. The maneuverability of the set was fantastic, as parts of it could be dismantled and put back together again at any given moment. Pieces were taken apart for props and other objects used throughout the show, it worked well with the pace of the show.

No Rules Theater Company is still fairly new, but off to a great start and will without a doubt continue to produce great work in the upcoming years.

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Photos by C. Stanley Photography


  • Linus: Joshua Morgan
  • Sally: Kristen Garaffo
  • Schroeder: Sean Maurice Lynch
  • Snoopy: Chris French
  • Lucy: Carolyn Cole
  • Charlie Brown: Augie Praley


  • Director: Matt Cowart
  • Musical Director: Taylor Williams
  • Choreography: Pauline Grossman
  • Production Manager: Cory Ryan Frank
  • Lighting Designers: Travis McHale and Kyle Grant
  • Hair and Make up Design: Stacy Wilson
  • Props Designer: Terry Martin
  • Set Designer: Ryan Wineinger
  • Sound Designer: Neil McFadden
  • Costume Designer: Dina Perez
  • Assistant Director: Lindsay Gentry
  • Assistant Stage Manager: Solomon Haile Selassie
  • Associate Set Designer/Scenic Charge: Jessica Moretti
  • Assistant Scenic Charge: Alison Daniels
  • Set Construction: Troy-Jon Sets LLC
  • Scenic Carpenter: Joe Eisenberg
  • Assistant Costume Designer: Roejendra Adams
  • Sound Operator: Peter Park


  • Piano/Conductor: Taylor Williams
  • Viola/Violin: Amanda Grossman
  • Clarinet/Saxophone/Recorder: Jeremy King
  • Percussion: Kirk Kubicek
  • Acoustic Bass/Electric Bass: Eliot Seppa


  • Graphic Designer: Will Abner
  • NC Development Manager: Jen Blank
  • DC Box Office Manager/Events Coordinator: Ray Bracken
  • Graphic Designer: Nicole Geldart
  • Marketing Manager: Lindsey Hardegree
  • Website Designer: Drew Wolber
  • Literary Manager: Danny Yoerges

Disclaimer: No Rules Theatre Company provided two complimentary media tickets to ShowBizRadio for this review.

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