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Langley High School Time’s Square 2090

By • Nov 19th, 2009 • Category: Cappies

“And the rocket’s red glare, the bombs bursting in air, Gave proof through the night that our flag was still there.” Words you hear almost every morning as you quietly mumble along, but have you ever really thought about what exactly you’re preaching? Langley High School’s production of the political musical Time’s Square 2090 has you questioning not only that, but many aspects of our lives; where are we going? Does Old Glory still have the same strength and power to unite and inspire us as she once did? Just how closely have we been watching the government that rules us?

Time’s Square 2090 and the majority of the music and lyrics found within were written and directed by Langley student Wesley Brandt in 2009. The play arguably bears some resemblance to George Orwell’s 1984, written in 1948. Both are about the danger of a centralized future government that tries to control the population and abuses new technology to accomplish their own greedy goals. The story also plays off of the lion falling in love with the lamb. The corrupt president Julius Lyons (Paul Goldberg) falls in love with the girl who first began to question the government, Marissa Lamb (Kelly Hubbell).

Brandt’s Time’s Square 2090 was mainly anchored by the actor to crowd interaction during many of the musical numbers and the modern pop culture jokes made throughout the show. Both served to keep the crowd intensely interested in the play and allowed many to easily identify with the characters, judging by the way all members of the audience danced, clapped, and sang along with the cast. Time’s Square 2090 was truly a team effort and the enthusiasm of the entire cast was rewarded with a standing ovation at the end.

The leads did exceptionally well in staying in character and nearly all had very good voice control and performed beautifully during their songs.

The supporting actors and actresses truly helped to play up the leads to the best they could be without losing their character. They each had a well-developed personality and fun character quirks, which kept the play exciting.

One especially enjoyable factor of the production was the use of symbolism and the cleverly named characters e.g.; The ruler being named Julius after the famous Roman dictator, the protesters being led by the Lamb family, the ruling family being the Lyons, the use of costume colors and the way they were shown in the flag (The lambs dressed in white, showing innocence, the government in red and black, the colors of the flag. The flag featured one white star, representing the lambs, trapped inside a black box, representing the government’s hold on the lower classes). The play contains many other clever uses of symbolism from Harry Potter to ancient world history.

The way the stage was set made it so the government officials were always higher than the commoners and this furthered the idea of how they looked down upon them as a lesser peoples, and helped add an element of depth to the stage.

Langley’s performance provoked much deep thought, though it was served in such a way that it did not feel weighty, but instead the comedic element and the powerful characters helped deliver it to feel still light and hopeful. Time’s Square 2090 is a very impressive work for such a young playwright and was seemingly well received by all ages and groups watching in the audience who acted enthralled and enthusiastic from start to finish.

by Caroline Lucernoni of Briar Woods High School

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  1. I’m glad that someone noticed the Harry Potter symbolism, but I think this review would be more better it it made some mention of the way Marissa died due to not eating.

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  3. Thanks for commenting! 😀 this makes me so excited! 😀 What did you think of the show ?! :]