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Upper Room Theatre Seussical the Musical

By • Jul 15th, 2009 • Category: Reviews
Seussical the Musical
Upper Room Theatre
All Saints Church, Manassas, VA
$12/$10 Seniors/$8 Youth
Through July 19th
Final Dress Rehearsal Reviewed July 14th

Seussical the Musical is a musical with music by Stephen Flaherty, lyrics by Lynn Aherns and book by Lynn Aherns and Stephen Flaherty. It is the musical tale of some of the favorite Dr. Seuss stories including: Horton Hears a Who, Green Eggs and Ham and even an appearance by the Grinch.

Although there were a few kinks to be worked out (mostly microphone problems) the show itself was delightful with lots of energy and dancing.

John Rogers, in the role of Horton the Elephant, wore a heavy costume that needed air conditioning. Rogers was a real trooper. His character was tender and he was full of compassion towards all people, not just the Whos. The Cat in the Hat, played by Matt Schaad, was presented as a more kind hearted approach. While he was likable and easy going, he also displayed his mischevious side, such as when he was the doctor “helping” Gertrude with her problem.

Jojo, the rebel Who from Whoville, was played equally well by Gabrielle Buonocore. She had an energy which she conveyed even when she did not have speaking lines which made her part more believable. Some of Jojo’s scenes were removed from the production in order to keep the length of the show manageable for younger audience members.

Gertrude McFuzz, the bird with the one feathered tail, was played well by Melissa Land. Land was charming and had an obvious crush on Horton. The two actually made a good pair and had a touching song at the end of the show.

All of the cast really seemed to have a great time. There was a bit of nervousness as it hit home that there was now an audience out there and not just each other. However once the stage lights hit everyone seemed to have a good time.

The set for Seussical The Musical was colorful. The stage was painted in bright colors and the set pieces were rotated in place along the upstage wall to present either the Jungle of Nool or Whoville. The set was designed and painted by Candace Penders.

Seussical The Musical ran an hour and forty-five minutes with one twenty minute intermission. It is playing through Sunday July 19th, Wednesday through Saturday evenigns at 7:30 pm and matinee performances on Saturday and Sunday at 2 pm at the All Saints Catholic Church in Manassas, Virginia. This is a bright colorful show that children will enjoy and adults may come away with some deeper meanings.


  • Horton: John Rogers
  • Gertrude McFuzz: Melissa Land
  • JoJo: Gabrielle Buonocore
  • Cat: Matt Schaad
  • Sour Kangaroo: Diana DiCicco
  • Maizie: Caitlin Collins
  • Mr. Mayor: Sean Bartnick
  • Mrs. Mayor: Kelleher
  • Wickersham Brother: John Myers
  • Wickersham Brother: Brennan Penders
  • Wickersham Brother: Alex Taylor
  • The Grinch, Yertle the Turtle: Jay Wells
  • Who, Dr. Drake’s Nurse: Nicole kardaras
  • Who, Vlad Vladikoff: Drew Prendergast
  • Who Citizen: Michael Hill
  • Who Citizen: Taylor Stults
  • Who Citizen: Shannon Bartnick
  • Bird Girl: Kelly Craige
  • Bird Girl: Maria Davis
  • Bird Girl: Kelly Morrison
  • Jungle Animal (Zebra): Neesha Karanth
  • Jungle Animal (Hippo): Brian Kelly
  • Jungle Animal (Tree Frog): Colin Land
  • Jungle Animal (Lion): Cat Rogers
  • Jungle Animal (Giraffe): Sarah Wykowski
  • Thing 1: Molly Loesel
  • Thing 2: Lexi Smith
  • Thing 3: Meg Slovenkay
  • Thing 4: Jennifer Torres
  • Thing 5: Kirsten Kleb
  • Thing 6: Kayleen Nagurny
  • Thing 7: Genevieve Sheffield
  • Thing 8: Lauren Perez
  • Thing 9: Keziah Higginbottom
  • Thing 10: Sarah Zapiain
  • Thing 11: Cristina Zambrana
  • Thing 12: Mikey Wittlinger
  • Special Appearance by Peter Tessier


  • Director/Producer: Rob Tessier
  • Music Director: Cathy Drummond
  • Choreographer: Vickie Taylor
  • Assistant Director: Nichole Dalusung
  • Technical Director/Prop Master: Jimmy Conroy
  • Production Stage Manager: Jay Wells
  • Scenic Artist: Candace Penders
  • Costume Designers/Coordinators: CJ Kardaras, Jessica Mooney
  • Assistant Technical Director: John Sledz
  • Set Director: Paul Reynolds
  • Properties: Jacqueline Penders
  • Lighting Designer: Dan Martin
  • Lighting & Sound Coordinator: Joseph Coyne
  • Deck Stage Manager: Brian Sledz
  • Assistant Stage Manager: Tucker Stroh
  • Make – up & Hair Design: Nicole Kardaras, Eileen Bartolozzi
  • Assistant Scenic Artist: Bernadette Wunderly
  • Production Caller: Robin Dalusung
  • Sound Board Operator: Jonathan Ferraro, Megan Hoffer
  • Lighting Board Operator: Andrew Heller
  • Spotlight Operators: Matt Golazsweski, Brian Stascavage
  • House Managers: Jane Carroll, Veronica Rollins
  • Box Office Manager: Sonia Ferraro
  • Concessions Coordinator: Anna Marie Conroy
  • Poster Design: Matt Moore
  • Stage Crew: Lauren Hatmaker, Christian Kardaras
  • Stage Building Efforts: John Sledz, Brian Sledz, Joe Sledz, Paul Sledz, Andrew Heller, Jonathan Ferraro, Ben Jacobeen, Jay Jesse, Brian Dunleavy, Alisha McCole, Colin Land, Joshua Schneider, Patrick Schneider, Joseph Dalusung, Mr. Morris, Alex Taylor, Steven Mehr, Brian Incheck, Tucker Stroh, Deacon Ed Bresnahan, and Matt Golazsweski
  • Assistant Costumers: CJ Kardaras, Diana DiCicco
  • Stitchers/Wardrobe: Justa Alfaro-Jansen, Deacon Ed Bresnahan, Deb Ramsden, Molly Ramsden, Sharron Land, Mary Beth Rogers
  • Scenic Arts Crew: Noreen Schulke, Holly Schwarzwalder, Vivienne Penders


  • Conductor: Cathy Drummond
  • Keyboards: Alec Davis (Wed., Sat. Night, Sun.)
  • Guitar: Father Thompson
  • Bass Guitar: Ricky Drummond
  • Violin: Melanie Waddy
  • Violin: Helena Okolicsanyi
  • Viola: Tara Foley
  • Drum Set: Phil Quinan
  • Percussion: Ben Martini
  • Soprano Saxophone, Alto Saxophone, Clarinet: Mike Morch
  • Flute, Piccolo: Claire Sutherland
  • Trumpet: Will Humphries
  • Trumpet: Dave Russell
  • Bassoon: Donna Peck
  • Trombone: Chris Carroll

Photo Gallery

Jungle Citizens Elephant Bird & Horton
Jungle Citizens
Elephant Bird & Horton
Gertrude & Horton Mayzie & Cat
Gertrude & Horton
Mayzie & Cat
Thing Chorus & Horton
Thing Chorus & Horton
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