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Blessed Sacrament Youth Group Anything Goes

By • Jul 16th, 2009 • Category: Reviews
Anything Goes
Blessed Sacrament Youth Group Summer Theatre Program
Bishop Ireton High School, Alexandria, VA
Through July 18th
Final Dress Rehearsal Reviewed July 15th

The Blessed Sacrament Youth Group Summer Theatre Program is producing the classic Cole Porter musical Anything Goes. It takes place aboard the SS American, a ship sailing from New York to England. It carries an unusual group of passengers including gangsters, a wealthy debutante, a night club singer, a wealthy businessman, and a few stowaways just to make things interesting.

Director Liz Isbell assembled the 24 member cast of high schoolers from around the Northern Virginia area, of all performing skill levels. Sherry Chriss‘ choreography includes several styles. The tap number during the finale of Act I was well done, despite some hesitancy from a few of the dancers. As music director, John H. McCrary‘s 21 instrument orchestra performed well.

While many of the cast members were early in their live theater careers, there were several experienced performers. Andrew Flack‘s performance as gangster Moonface Martin was nuanced; his solo “Be Like the Bluebird” was very well done. Emma Leiken as nightclub singer Reno Sweeny was feisty, but her voice wavered a few times. Caroline Menna as Hope Harcourt was tender, but unable to stand up to her uppity mother, Mrs. Wadsworth T. Harcourt (Taylor Gailliot). Hope’s long-lost love, Billy Crocker, was played by Sam Jones with a bit too much innocence, while the naivete of Hope’s fiancee Sir Evelyn Oakleigh (Matt Debow) was quite believable.

There were numerous technical problems evident at the dress rehearsal, which was only the second time the cast and crew were able to use the facility for a complete run of the show. With the experience learned from this production, future BSYG productions will be more polished. I’m confident the technical concerns will addressed by opening night tonight.

Tickets are available by contacting Chris Hitzelberger at 703-998-6100 x 20, or bsygdigs2000 -at-


  • Elijah J. Whitney: Ben Jaricic
  • Steward/Reporter (Charlie: Jack Ladd
  • Cameraman: Kasey Kraft
  • Sir Evelyn Oakleigh: Matt Debow
  • Mrs. Wadsworth T. Harcourt: Taylor Gailliot
  • Hope Harcourt: Caroline Menna
  • Bishop (Henry T. Dobson): Sam Burke
  • Reno Sweeny: Emma Leiken
  • Billy Crocker: Sam Jones
  • Moonface Martin: Andrew Flack
  • First Chinese (Ching): Abby Halm
  • Second Chinese Ling): Jamie infantino
  • Purser: Maria Simpkins
  • Bonnie: Chanukah Jane Lilburne
  • Captain: Zachary Frank
  • Chastity (Angel): Emma Canfield
  • Purity (Angel): Carmen Lodato
  • Virtue (Angel): Maria Jones
  • Sailors/Passengers: Sam Burke, Abby Halm, Jamie Infantino, Abby Keller, Kasey Kraft, Jack Ladd


  • Director: Liz Isbell
  • Music Director: John H. McCrary
  • Vocal Coach/Accompanist: Linda Wells
  • Choreographer: Sherry Chriss
  • Stage Manager: Anne-Elisabeth Halbert
  • Assistant Stage Manager: Rachel Lau
  • Production Coordinator: Chris Hitzelberger
  • Set Design: Ronnie Hardcastle and Ben Robles
  • Set construction: Kevin Harr, David Colan, Ryan Worley, Don Hukle, Chris Pyson, Danny Perez, John Kucia, Bethany Claypool, Derek Marsh, Christian Huley, Michi Freund, Tim Breads, Jim Seeley, Jerry Wolf, pat Jones, George & Priscilla Marsh, Bob Infantino, Jim & Terri Howard, John & Julie Cadugan, Raymond, James & Matthew Curry
  • Costumes: Linda Wells, Genie Baskir & Merridy Menna
  • Technical Staff: Kevin Curry, Julia Bowman & Taylor Cambas Playbill Layout: John H. McCrary


  • Violin: Leon Turkevich
  • Violin: Molly Sgrecci
  • Violin: Loren Bazualdo
  • Viola: Amanda Koman
  • Cello: Sara Fargo
  • Bass: Sharon Dooley
  • Oboe: Suzanne Johnson
  • Clarinet: Helen Fonda
  • Clarinet: Joanna Pacori
  • Bass Clarinet: Allen Derina
  • Clarinet/Alt Saxophone: Emily Dooley
  • Alto Saxophone: Chris Sheekey
  • Tenor Saxophone: Timothy Johnson
  • Baritone Saxophone: Rich Miserendino
  • Trumpet: Jay Martin
  • Trumpet: Alex Lytle
  • Trumpet: Alya Shearer
  • Trombone: Anthony Diamond
  • Guitar/Banjo: John Fargo
  • Piano: Mia Jones
  • Percussion: Dan Walt
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