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2009 NVTA One Act Festival Awards

By • Jun 28th, 2009 • Category: News

The Awards Ceremony for the 2009 NVTA One Act Festival took place Sunday evening, at the James Lee Recreation Center Theater in Falls Church, Virginia.

  • Best Supporting Actor
  • Best Supporting Actress
    • Winner: McCall Doyle (Eve), FCT – Garden of Eden
    • Maria Benzie, SCT – Spoon River Anthology
    • Mollie Wise, SCT – Spoon River Anthology
    • Meredith Ford (June), Castaways Repertory Theatre (CRT) – On Tidy Endings
    • Laonna Rauser (Suzanne), CRT – Til Death Do Us Part
    • McCall Doyle (Katarina), Prince William Little Theatre (PWLT) – The Duet
  • Best Actor
    • Winner: Gary Cramer (Jimmy), Little Theatre of Alexandria (LTA) – Hero Worship
    • Ted Ballard (God), FCT – Garden of Eden
    • Manny Gillin (T.J.), Center for the Arts, Pied Piper Theatre (PPT) – Candid
    • Ted Ballard (Charlie), CRT – Til Death Do Us Part
    • Josh Redford (Jack), PWLT – The Duet
  • Best Actress
    • Winner: Adrienne Showker (Marion), CRT – On Tidy Endings
    • Mona Kay Helper (Marie Harvey), FCT – Relative Strangers
    • Christine Lowry (Marie Barrett), FCT – Relative Strangers
    • Lori Muhlstein (Rita), CRT – Til Death Do Us Part
  • Best Director
    • Winner: Deb Crawford, PWLT – The Duet
    • Adriana Hardy, SCT – Spoon River Anthology
    • Frank Pasqualino, ZVP – Lone Star (ZVP)
    • Lori Muhlstein, FCT – Garden of Eden
  • Best Production Of An Original Play
    • Winner: Garden of Eden: The True Underdog Story of Peoplekind, by Greg Powell, FCT
    • Til Death Do Us Part, by Dan A. Benjamin, CRT
    • The Duet, by Brian Doyle, PWLT
  • Best Overall Production
    • Winner: Garden of Eden: The True Underdog Story of Peoplekind, FCT
    • Spoon River Anthology, SCT
    • Lone Star, ZVP
    • The Duet, PWLT

Additionally, the judges (Leonard Highes, Don Martin, and Marge Tischer) awarded three discretionary awards for areas not covered by the seven standard awards:

  • John Roberts, Guitarist, Spoon River Anthology, SCT
  • The Tree of Life, used in Garden of Eden: The True Underdog Story of Peoplekind, FCT
  • Costumes for Spoon River Anthology, SCT
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  1. Congrats to all the nominees and winners! 🙂