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Little Theatre of Alexandria Leading Ladies

By • Mar 6th, 2009 • Category: Reviews
Leading Ladies
Little Theatre of Alexandria
Little Theatre of Alexandria, Alexandria, VA
$15 – $18
Playing through March 14th
Reviewed March 4, 2009

Leading Ladies is a comedy by Len Ludwig. Jack and Leo, two down-on-their-luck, classically trained Shakespearean actors, are reduced to playing Moose Lodges in the Amish country of Pennsylvania. Things look up for the pair when a local heiress dies leaving all her money to two “distant” English relatives. The two thespians plan to deceive the estate and play the long-lost heirs, but to get the money, Jack and Leo must give the performances of a lifetime!

What a hilarious farce. Overall the actors did a super job in delivering a fast paced physical performance. Occasionally one actor would start to say their lines and another actor would interrupt and they would kind of talk over each other. This made it a little difficult to understand, but in no way did it hinder the flow of the show. The physical timing in the play was executed believably.

Leo and Jack (Charles Boyington and Brandon DeGroat) both gave memorable performances. DeGroat’s facial expressions when trying to get out of trouble and his rapid eye movements when he was trying to catch the eye of the attractive Audrey, played convincingly by Kat Sanchez, were really funny. Boyington had some of the fastest costume changes on record and also made his character come alive by using extreme gestures and melodramatic statements.

The sweet and innocent Meg was played perfectly by Rachael Hubbard. She had great timing with Duncan and Leo/Maxine. Her expressive eyes kept the humor high throughout the evening. All of the actors in this ensemble cast seemed to have the timing down to a science and really got into their parts.

The set showed a lot of attention to detail. The play opened with the front curtain pulled and Meg and her fiance Duncan (played by Michael J. Fisher) going to a play. The next scene was the living room of a house in York Pennsylvania. The set was designed by the show’s director C. Evans Kirk and Dan Remmers.

Leading Ladies ran two hours and fifteen minutes with one intermission. It is playing through March 14. Wednesdays through Saturdays at 8 pm and Sunday matinees at 3 pm at the Little Theatre of Alexandria in Alexandria, Virginia. This was a hilarious show with a lot of action and a ton of laughs. Recommend you see this show and have a great time.

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And now on with the show.


Charles Boyington (Leo) and Brandon DeGroat (Jack) Brandon DeGroat (Jack) and Charles Boyington (Leo)
Charles Boyington (Leo) and Brandon DeGroat (Jack)
Brandon DeGroat (Jack) and Charles Boyington (Leo)
Mary Blake Suib (Florence) and Rachael Hubbard (Meg)
Mary Blake Suib (Florence) and Rachael Hubbard (Meg)


  • Meg: Rachael Hubbard
  • Leo: Charles Boyington
  • Jack: Brandon DeGroat
  • Audrey: Kat Sanchez
  • Duncan: Michael J. Fisher
  • Florence: Mary Blake Suib
  • Doc: Ron Bianchi
  • Butch: Ted “Mac” McDonald


  • Producers: Jamie Blake and Heather Franklin
  • Director: C. Evans Kirk
  • Stage Managers: Margaret Evans-Joyce and Sheila Price
  • Set Design: C. Evans Kirk and Dan Remmers
  • Set Construction: Dan Remmers, Dick Rose and Bob king
  • Assisted by: Jack Schaeffer
  • Set Painting: Kevin O’Dowd, Sally Martinez, jack Vroom
  • Assisted by: Robin Parker, One Brick
  • Costume Design: Beverley Bendaa and Annie Vroom
  • Wardrobe: LeeAnne Buckley and Robin Parker, Anna Spitzer and Deanna Spitzer
  • Assisted by: Rachael Alberts, Mary Campbell, Martha Crawley, Robbie Herbst, Margaret Snow
  • Set Dressing: Marian Holmes
  • Assisted by: Maureen Edick
  • Lighting Design: Ken and Patti Crowley
  • Lights: Doug Olmsted, Liz Owens
  • Master Electrician: Nancy Owens
  • Assisted by: Eileen Doherty, Pam Leonowich, Donna Reyolds, Dick Schwab, Carrie Vernon
  • Sound Design: David Corriea
  • Assisted by: Keith Bell, David Hale, Anna Hawkins, Janice Rivera, Alan Wray
  • Props: Betty Dolan, Margaret Snow
  • Assisted by: Barbara Helsing, Sharon Dove, Leslie Reed, Bob Van Eimen
  • Hair/makeup Consultant: Gilda Sadighi
  • Hair/makeup: Maria Simpkins
  • Rigging: Russel M. Wyland
  • Audition Table: Wanda Perkins, Margaret Snow
  • Photographer: Doug Olmsted
  • Double-Tech Dinner: Elizabeth Blake, Sharon and Lenard Dove
  • Opening Night Party: Ronnie Hardcastle and Benny Robles
  • Assisted by: Dianne Barnes, Dave Colan, Marsha Farrell, Derek Marsh
  • Special Thanks: Tina Barry, One Brick, Mary Fettes, Steve Haber, Robbie Herbst, Virginia Lacey, Eve Young
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