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Fauquier Community Theatre Moon Over Buffalo

By • Mar 9th, 2009 • Category: Reviews
Moon Over Buffalo
Fauquier Community Theatre
Fauquier Community Theatre, Warrenton, VA
$14/$12 Students and Seniors
Playing through March 22nd
Reviewed March 6, 2009

Moon Over Buffalo is a comedy by Ken Ludwig. George and Charlotte Hay have unwillingly come to the twilight of their theatrical careers in a quaint Buffalo theater. Currently the company is performing Cyrano de Bergerac and Private Lives in repertory. After learning that the famous Hollywood director, Frank Capra, is coming to give George and Charlotte one final shot at stardom, miscommunication ensues and the hilarity begins.

This was an entertaining farce, although the flow of the humor never quite made it to an ongoing, sustained stream of hilarity. There were some pacing issues, such as some of the door slamming scenes, which occasionally interrupted the flow of the happenings on stage. There may have been some opening night jitters, as the cast lost two nights of rehearsal due to the snow earlier in the week. The physical comedy was fairly well choreographed, although a few of the various stage slaps didn’t connect at all.

Greg Powell brought a lot of energy to the role of George Hay through his determination and dedication to the role of Cyrano. Powell allowed us to see the two different characterizations of George Hay the person, and George Hay playing Cyrano. George’s wife Charlotte Hay, played by Lori Muhlstein, was a polar opposite to George. Muhlstein appeared much more high strung and always seemed on the verge of a melt down, yet Muhlstein allowed the audience to feel sympathy for her as the wronged woman.

George and Charlotte’s daughter Rosalind, was played by the down to earth McCall Noelle Doyle. Doyle was intent on staying out of show business, but when called upon she rose to the challenge with much grace and enthusiasm. Rosalind’s ex-boyfriend (and real life husband) Paul was played by Brian Doyle. As Paul, Doyle appeared uptight during most of the show. His physical comedy bits were believable, such as the rekindling of his relationship with Rosalind.

Moon Over Buffalo takes place mostly backstage of a Buffalo theater. The set was designed by Tom Bohacek, with set decoration and dressing by Gail Gilbert. Kevin Kirby‘s special effects were also executed well.

Moon Over Buffalo ran two hours with one intermission. It is playing through Sunday March 22. Fridays and Saturdays at 8 pm and Sunday matinees at 2 pm at the Fauquier Community Theatre in Warrenton, Virginia. This farce was enjoyable and will make you laugh.

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And now, on with the show.


  • Ethel: Patty McCoart
  • Rosalind Hay: McCall Noelle Doyle
  • Howard: Keving Kirby
  • George Hay: Greg Powell
  • Charlotte Hay: Lori Muhlstein
  • Eileen: Brittany Warman
  • Paul: Brian Doyle
  • Richard Maynard: Jay Bolling


  • Producer/Director: Ted Ballard
  • Stage Manager: Sallie Willows
  • Set Designer: Tom Bohacek
  • Set Construction: Ted Ballard, Tom Bohacek
  • Set Painting: Ted Ballard, Tom Bohacek, Paul Ballard
  • Set Decoration/Dressing: Gail Gilbert
  • Properties: Erin DeCaprio
  • Light Design: Morgan Sexton, Christie Swaney
  • Light Board: Evelyn Rice
  • Sound Design: Anna Hawkins
  • Sound Board: Anna Hawkins, Yeeman Kitzerow
  • Special Effects: Kevin Kirby
  • Costumes: Susan Noe, Teena Stevic
  • Combat Choreography: Kevin Robertson
  • Programs: Evelyn Rice
  • Publicity: Sally Zatkoff
  • Posters: Paul Ballard
  • Photography: McCall Noelle Doyle
  • Box Office: Dee Faulconer
  • Tickets: Debbie Carter
  • Opening Night Reception: Laurie Bersack
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  1. Hi Showbiz-

    I saw this show on Saturday night. It was perfect and maybe even the funniest show I’ve ever seen. Maybe they just had a rough opening night but this review doesn’t do it justice. They all had great chemistry and really great acting skills. The actress playing Charlotte was a great match for George and the actress playing Ethel almost stole the show.


  2. I have to say that I really enjoyed the show. I haven’t been to a play for a number of years, as I grew up in Drama while I was in High School. Also, my son, who will be 13 later this month enjoyed it a lot, and he wants to see more plays. I believe that with my son viewing this play has sparked an interest in the arts of drama, and that I may have a Thespian well on his way to stardom.

  3. I saw the Sunday matinee and I laughed out loud. I really enjoyed the show and I especially enjoyed Charlotte. She and George just had great chemistry and she did a wondeful acting job. I enjoy commmunity theater and this one was worth seeing.

  4. See, who needs critics? The audience knows what they like. If it wasn’t a good show they wouldn’t say so.

  5. I saw the show on Sunday and brought the parents. My mom who doesn’t laugh at many things actually said, “It was hard NOT to laugh!” And that summarizes how we all felt! I particularly thought the chemistry between George and Charlotte was palatable, especially during the sword fighting scene…lovers at play!

  6. I was there this past Friday and had a blast. It was laugh out loud, fall out of your seat funny! Greg Powell was hysterical. Lori Mulstein was fabulous. The Doyles did a superb job. Kevin Kirby pulled out his best comic performance and the rest. Patty McCoart was outstanding.

    I haven’t laughed thiis much in a long time. Ted Ballard did an exceptional job casting, this show. His concept and timing were brilliant. The actors pulled it off with ease.

    If there were any opening night jitters, they are GONE. I hear that Showbiz Radio is working with one particular theater. Isn’t that a conflict of interest for reviewing other theaters shows? Do one or the other, NOT both!

  7. Ken, I’m not sure what you meant by Laura and me working with one particular theater. I stage managed at PWLT in February, right now I’m stage managing for Providence Players. Since volunteering on a show means we won’t be able to review anything those weekends, we’re doing some interviews in place of reviews. I don’t see where a conflict of interest comes in. Plus we’re in the process of adding several new reviewers to be able to better cover the region’s theaters.